Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Pets of the Day

If cats aren't your thing then look away now! Come back on another day though! These are my cats Lily (on the left) and Tiger. In The London Paper they do a feature each day-you've guessed it-'Pet of the Day'. It is really sweet and always makes me smile. The owners make a short list of their pet's likes and dislikes.

Tiger likes: nailfiles, the bathroom, bubbles, treats, the fire, following me around like a little dog in the morning.
She dislikes: being told 'no', Lily getting any attention, the hoover.

Lily likes: plastic bags, mohair jumpers, treats, animal programmes.
She dislikes: the doorbell, change, rain.

They both like sitting around in the sun.
Lily likes this chair but doesn't like it when we make a noise. Plastic bags.
This is the tower of discontentment where Lily likes to sit. Tiger never gets up here and neither of them ever go in the sheepskin hole-as they don't appreciate the fact that the hole was half the cost and I could have just bought an ordinary post.

Lily loves the ironing board-it is warm and she thinks it is a making a fuss of her table.

They both love the computer but don't love it when I put youtube cat videos on. Tiger likes watching Suzi Blu videos.

This is Lily in her favourite spot in the summer. A flower pot with dead grass in it-it makes the perfect cushion.

Tiger enjoying an upside down cuddle!
Sometimes they still have a cosy moment like they did when they were kittens.
Neither of them like it when we play this song.


Anonymous said...

Your kitties are so cute! I just love cats. They have little personalities that are all their own. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

That's so true! These two are sisters but they couldn't be more different!

Shell said...

Your cats are adorable. My cat loves to sit on my computer as well.

inge said...

hello Sarah,

you are a good partner... anyone who loves cats is my kind of people..:)

I'm addicted to being creative, but also addicted two cats... We have 7 cats in the home and give food to two wild cats that come around cause they know we can't resist cats...

Your tiger looks a lot like our Tiger we once had ( sadly he died a few years ago), but we still have two tigers in the house. Our Neo is a bit the same size of yours...

greetings from Belgium

inge said...

hmmm... I'm back... I can't find an emailadress on your blog (unless I'm not looking good enough...)

Can you contact me through my site ?
Welcome at

greetings from Belgium

PS :it's about the dolls swap from Suzi Blu's workshop...

BonnyBadger said...

LOVE the pics of Tiger and Lily - hilarious