Monday, 17 November 2008

Deptford Second Hand Market

This was my Saturday morning adventure-finding this market, which I was told about by Steven . It was an experience! The man in the top hat labelled 'The Boss' was standing at the top of the ladder overseeing proceedings and giving out helpful advice such as 'Ladies hold onto your purses, Saturday is pickpocket day!' The tables were covered with a collection of stuff that had just been tipped there after being transported from the damp shed it had been stored in-I swear I picked up something with half a dead slug on it! Everyone in this half of the market was either related to 'The Boss'-or deferred to him. Everything cost 'two quid'. As I find parting with my money extremely easy I did manage to find some small purchases-2 old cotton reels(wood), a Barbie, a Ken and an Action Man, two Aliens and a piece of fur (all for school), 4 old bits of watches-for dolls or something, a book called 'Souvenir of the Ballet' with a lovely fifties cover, and a collection of lovely amber coloured pieces of glass. The Russian man who sold them to me (for two quid) recommended their use in a fire place, whilst patting me on the arm and commenting on my proper English accent! I took three photos and then thought better of taking any more in case someone took offence. There was a certain edge that you just don't get at nice safe Greenwich market. I will be back!

I hope this picture enlarges-there is The Boss! It didn't enlarge so here is a slight close up.

Lovely legs for sale.

A gnome getting ready for Christmas.

This is a really great cafe in Deptford-so I have been told-I just took a photo-will go back and try it soon!


steven mcvay said...

i told you, its certainly an experience, and that guy on the ladder is always there,hes actually one of the friendlier stall holders, did you not see his dog molly, a white boxer dog that everyone also knows and seems to love,..
i do love going for a rummage because you just never know what you might find, im glad you saw for yourself,....and i find all my blog goodies by spending far too much time just trawling through other blogs and their links and just looking and observing, i think im addicted..

Anonymous said...

That market looks great! I have fond memories of going to markets in London with my father when I was a child (he's from Brighton). I don't remember all the names, but I remember Portobello I making that up? I'm so jealous that you got to look around the Duchess set - I loved it! It was just gorgeous to look at, but also really well-made.

Thanks for stopping by - your blog is lovely!

Anonymous said...

What a neat place! The markets that you guys have over there look so much nicer than the "flea markets" that we have here. I so want to visit England. Maybe someday....

That is a great idea how you organize the books you have read. I have never thought of doing it that way.

Catastrophe Waitress said...

oh the top hat man looks a little scary. thank you for risking your life taking those pictures!

ha! i wouldn't have dared!