Thursday, 4 December 2008

Christmas Play Props!

These are to illustrate the story as the narrators narrate and we all sing. They are quite big and will be carried around by the children who made them. I am going to put them on sticks like giant puppets.

The Angel by FeyiMary by Misbah The baby Jesus by Wura ( I love the proportions!)

The donkey by Savannah (body) and Britney (head)

Joseph by Shay The Holy Family, Donkey and Angel.
We have lots more things to make before next Thursday when we do the play for the parents. Hats, backdrop, a programme. Very exciting! I wish I could blog their singing! Well I probably could if I was more technically minded.


Anonymous said...

Those props are so cute. Your kids did such a good job. I hope the play goes well and everybody has fun.

Sarah said...

Thanks Liz!

inge said...

Hello Sarah,

childrens drawings are the BEST !!
Even great artists try to go back to these kind of drawings, but whatever their skills, they CAN'T compare...

The handicapped children in my class don't come to design yet, but I like experimenting with them with all kinds of creative supplies...

Your doll found a place in my blog... and there is a sneek peek for you on my doll "under construction" :)


Lynne said...

Glad OFSTED went well.
I love chidren's art. Sounds as though you are in for a busy time in the run up to Christmas at school.
Love the swap and dolls!
Oh, I was in Stockholm, thanks for the comment.

Candace said...

Hello Sarah, wow your blog is fantastic. Say, I am fine and just came back a day later on Tuesday, thanks. Jeannie insisted I stay again with her.

Kids and their art really are wonderful, aren't they? I really miss working with them...
Talk to you soon!
Candace in Athens