Monday 15 December 2008

Tiny Dolls

I was very pleased and excited to receive an email on Saturday morning, informing me of a pending payment for an etsy sale. I have now made three sales! These two paper dolls and their tiny friend are on their way to Rachel in California. I queued for 30 minutes at the post office this lunch time, especially to post them! There was a lovely golden retriever waiting patiently outside the P.O. with very pretty eyelashes and the queue was orderly. The post office in question has a very good selection of greetings cards so at least there was something to read while I waited.
A photocopy of another paper doll to liven up the packaging. That is my attempt at a business card that she is holding!The tiny doll on the right has already gone and hopefully is on my friend Sarah's Christmas tree in Holland.I only had two tiny dolls and fancied making lots more. I have this beautiful box of pastels which was another great find on Greenwich market-it is like a luxury box of chocolates, but of colour. It has two layers!
Here are all their little legs, inked and pasteled, waiting to be sprayed.
The tiny doll crowd waiting to be connected to their legs.
Tiny doll 1
Tiny doll 2
Tiny doll 3
Tiny doll 4
Tiny doll 5
the projectivist had the idea that I should ask people to name some of my dolls. I like this idea and am going to try it out on the tiny dolls while the bigger dolls are still being finished. You could name one or all of them-or none-it's up to you!


Sarah said...

The tiny dolls would like to travel around the world. If you would like to give one of them a home let me know in your comment and email me your address-my email is on my profile. They will travel to you in the new year.

Sarah said...

Oh-and name them!

steven mcvay said...

the dolls are cool... and thanks for your concern as to where i was... and yes swimming wth dolphins is amazing, even if it was in a very controlled environment, (you should google discovery cove to see where we did it) but to touch one and look into their eyes and feed them and have them pull you along is something everyone should experience..
well done on your sales.x

Shell said...

I adore your dolls. I'm amazed at all the creativity I see in blogland. I love one of your tiny dolls. I will e-mail you all my info.
BTW, thanks for commenting on my video. Yes, I do theater too. I did a play over the summer on Shakespeare's sonnets. It was a wonderful experience.

Anonymous said...

Those dolls are so cute! You do a very good job! I think you should name one Daisy. :o)

Candace said...

Oh my goodness. These are fabulous, Sarah, and I do love those pastels... !!! I just gave a box of such to a young artist for a Christmas surprise...

I think they should all have floral or gemstone and mythological names.
You are such a creative person, Sarah, a joy and inspiration, seriously.

Brother Tobias said...

Love the dolls (and I'd never even heard of Etsy; need to get out more). I reckon word verification might come up with a few original names.

Linda Sue said...

Most inspiring! I made a jointed paper doll for my son's teacher one year but she was about three feet tall and sort of scary..I really love the little ones! Sweet- your art is fabulous- LOVE it!

Sarah said...

Thanks Steven-dolphin swimming is even more appealing now.
Thanks Shell. Will send you one soon!
Thanks Liz-Daisy is a sweet name-I think one of the more pouty ones can have that!
I like your ideas too Candace-lots of possibilities there.
Brother Tobias-I might just call one Obicist, Zatagg or Dindacky-I have a list of WVs!
Thanks Linda Sue-I wish the parents of children in my class would think of such interesting gifts!

Anairam said...

Oh, my goodness, I love your Tiny Paper Dolls! I would love one to fly all the way to South Africa - I will give her a home and feed her tiny, tiny cupcakes and take her with on my beach walks every day! (& of course will protect her from dogs & waves & bluebottles & other things harmful to Tiny Paper Dolls)
I think #1 should be called Rapunzel ...

Catastrophe Waitress said...

oh my lord you spot some great things on your treasure-finding adventures! that box of pastels is just like a box of chocolates, ones you just want to nibble, slowly - to make them last longer!

your dolls all look like they're quite nice, sweet and innocent little things - otherwise i'd suggest the name, Claudette!

Catastrophe Waitress said...

actually, i take that back -
tiny doll number 4 looks a little like a Claudette to me!
it's those sulky eyes that do it.

suesueb said...

what a darling set of paper dolls and a great way to name them. i like addie claire for the first as it reminds me of my red-haired niece! thanks, suesue

Janine said...

Sarah, I just love your dolls you are very talented!