Monday 15 December 2008

Picture To Show Judy

This is the painting I was talking about Judy. She's lounging around on a sunny, rose scented afternoon with cats in the vicinity and a good book. What more could she ask?! Oh-I know-a drink and some delicious fruit! This was one of my paintings for the Suzi Blu Petite Dolls course. It was fun to do-especially the beeswax on top-so luscious to use and polish!
Look on Judy's post of November 16th to see what on earth I am talking about!


Shell said...

The painting is lovely. I went to Judy's blog to see the other painting. Both of them have the same laid back vibe.

Anonymous said...

Your painting is gorgeous. I love it! I checked out Judy's blog and she is talented as well.

Sarah said...

Thanks Shell and Liz!

Candace said...

Oh I remember seeing this! Wax is my next up project in '09. Won't that be fun?

I so love those cats!

Deirdra Doan said...

Judy is a great person and teacher...I live near her and had a class with her.

Guess what??? I will be meeting Suzi Blu in San Diego in should be fun. We have been emailing off and on for several years and I have been honored along with Judy to be one of her links...I was surprised but thankful...suzi has a wild side not sure were it came from.