Monday, 8 December 2008

I Want Snow!

I am feeling very Christmassy now since putting up my tree at the weekend. I keep thinking it might snow and then being disappointed. Perhaps I should go to Sweden where they have proper snow like this!Well, here is my little tree and a few of my favourite ornaments... A reindeer from my friend Sarah in Holland-a fan of big trees!
Oh-this is not actually a tree decoration. These flowers have glitter on -I love them! A Christmas mermaid-I wonder if they celebrate under the sea.
Santa off to deliver presents to good children on his winged Rudolph.
The bad little dog who stole Santa's mitten! This is Tiger's favourite decoration-she bops it and the head very satisfyingly falls off.
Dress rehearsals tomorrow-fingers crossed!
Have a good week!


Lynne said...

Love the ornaments...and tree. We put our decorations up over the weekend but not a tree, why? There're all covered in snow, so it's difficult to choose one. Thanks for the mention.
Good luck for the dress rehersal.

Candace said...

Good luck, Sarah! Don't you love live theatre? With kids? The Best.

What a fabulous tree and my friend Jeanne has a mermaid too. Mmmm... I need to check out this Mermaid and Christmas connection you lot have there.

Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

I love your tree and the ornaments are so pretty! I want some snow too. We don't get a lot of snow here in North Carolina. I am praying for a white Christmas this year! It's been way colder than normal so maybe it'll happen.....

Good luck on your rehearsal!

A.Smith said...

What a lovely tree! I don't know if the old "break a leg" applies in London as a way of wishing the best for a production. In here the word "" is everything but, akin to saying "John Barrymore" and when that happens no one goes on stage.

So in the spirit of wishing you the very best tomorrow, break a leg and have a grand old time. Did I already say that I love the tree?

Catastrophe Waitress said...

haha! love that dog decoration -
your cats must have a field day with that tree!
hope the dress rehearsal is a breeze.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone! The dress rehearsals were great-so cute! It is only me that needs to remember which song comes next now and to do my silent finger counting!

Janine said...

You want snow? I wish I could send your ours! I live in the Seattle Washington area and we are having way too much snow and it is very unusual for us! So needless to say we don't get to drive around because the City stops! Everything stops here! We have had enough of it so wish I could send it!