Monday, 4 August 2014

The Birds

We just got back from a lovely week in Northumberland. We stayed in the same place as before, Lobster Pot Cottage in Low Hauxley. A two minute walk from the beach, and surrounded by beautiful countryside. I took my usual hundreds of photos and am going to sort them into types of thing rather than days. Birds have flown into a lot of the photos, so I will start with them. Just the Oyster Catchers today. Too many birds to put all at once. I love watching these birds. They are so comical when they run. They have quite a distinctive call and so you always know when they are coming.

 Herons tomorrow!


Leenie said...

I learned to recognize oyster catchers last summer on a trip to the British Columbia coast. Yes, fun birds with their red beak and boots and squeaky call. Sounds like a great time away. Jealous.

elizabeth said...

Birds and beaches - a splendid combo!

Linda Sue said...

Thank you for posting the audio. Picachou responded attentively. It has given him something to think about. Glad you got away for a relaxing holiday! Curious to know about your work thing for next year, hoping you will not be going back to that horrid environment! You can come here any time, you know. We could art all day!