Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Haybales on Blackheath

Not what I expect to see in London. It explains the tractor I had seen the day before though. These were there on Friday and gone on Saturday. There is a farm not that far away so maybe they were taken there to feed the donkeys. The crows were having a good day-maybe eating worms woken up by all the hay making noise. 

 I love the way crows do that hopping half flying run. They are wary but don't seem scared somehow.
 I like this silhouette of a flying crow. I only had my phone so not great focus but the shape is there.


Amy at love made my home said...

These bales look like giant snails out in the field I think! xx

Lynne said...

I think crows are interesting birds. One came into our plum tree last night closely followed by 3 magpies. The crow picked a plum and flew to another tree closely followed by the 3 magpies.

Kay Warner said...

Oh my! That post bought back some memories. I used to live on Shooters Hill when I was a child and remember the fairs at Blackheath.