Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Job Number 1

I spent the last two weeks working for Arty Party at Blackheath. I really enjoyed it, though I am glad that I have two weeks left to potter around and get jobs done now! The theme was Mexico and the children made all sorts of great things, a small selection of which are below. The kids were lovely and all the adults were too. It was interesting to be working with mainly artists, all of whom have interesting and varied lives, doing lots of different jobs. The best thing was there was no stress. I was not in charge and there was no pressure, apart from getting the work finished. There were roughly thirty children each day with six adults which is a very manageable ratio. The place we were working in was a church hall. It is a lovely light building, and has a great garden which included a climbing tree and places to hide, run and generally just be children! If I continue to do supply for more than a year, which, at the moment I am seriously contemplating, then I should be able to get by in the holidays by working for this group. They seem to be very busy so hopefully there should be opportunities to do so. 
Day of the Dead printing. 
This is a faceboard though this child just chose to put eye holes. They could do anything related to the theme for this one.
Frida Kahlo pictures. The one above is more like one of the originals, and the one below in the style of, featuring this girl's own cat. I love the way she did the cat, and it reminds me of Cassie.
 Papier mache cacti waiting to be painted. 
Finished cacti. 
A little Day of the Dead figure made of plasticine, ready to go in a Retablo. 

One corner of the hall. 
 Views of the garden. 

 This was taken on the day we had a massive thunderstorm. The grass was soaked and the hall sprung a couple of leaks!


Linda Sue said...

So excellent all of it!So promising and fun! LOVE this post!!!

andamento said...

Love the cacti and the drawing of the girl and cat is fabulous. All the best in your new ventures...

Lynne said...

That cat has put a big smile on my face!
Lovely to hear of your new ventures.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it all went well, and that you enjoyed it. Good luck with the supply teaching when the new term starts.

Helen McCookerybook said...

This looks like fun, Sarah. I think it's been a positive move for you to leave the school and I hope you have a lot more fun without the stresses of paperwork and planning! x

Shell said...

It's good to hear you happy about teaching again!

snoopydogknits said...

Love all the things the kids made. I envy you your new stress free existence. Long may it continue! Ros x