Thursday, 17 April 2014


Just some pictures of Otford. 
 A mosaic of the village's history. 
 The village sign. 
 A very Norman looking church. 
 The village pond. 
 Pretty wisteria.
 Black tulips. 
 A methodist chapel and a tudor looking house. It is called Pickmoss house or hall and has a carved door.
 Pickmoss is a lovely name don't you think?
 Lovely knocker. 
 Idyllic stream. 

 A footpath we explored. It just goes around the back of the village and isn't that far but was very pleasant nonetheless.
 A lonesome tree. 
This beautiful tree with its matching tulips is in Eynsford just down the road. I saw it on Saturday but didn't stop to take a picture. After stopping to take this one we drove up over the hills just to see where it went. It actually came down over the hills again at the other end of Eynsford but it was fun! Eynsford is worth a visit as it has the remains of a Roman villa there. it has not very good memories for me though as it is the scene of the worst school trip I ever organised. Really very bad. So bad that I still remember it in great detail!


Jenny Woolf said...

What a beautiful village. I will remember the name so I can visit it if I am in the area.

Elizabeth said...

How very pretty!
And how lovely to see the wisteria.
It smoked here on Wednesday!
Happy Easter.

Shell said...

I may sound real American by saying this, there is something truly special about villages on England. So beautiful.
Hopefully those bad memories from the trip you organized will start to fade one day.

Leenie said...

I like how your countryside has such deep history and so much of it is well preserved. Is that a small cemetery there with the pink blossomed tree and tulips?

Sarah said...

It is a war memorial I think Leenie, though I am not sure about the little stone.

Linda Sue said...

Beautiful post card perfect!