Monday, 21 April 2014

Lily and the Camera

For some reason, whenever I get my big camera out Lily is terrified. I wanted to take a picture of her sitting in the sun this morning with the fluffy new fennel behind her. I tried to hide the camera by my side till I got nearer to her but she saw me coming and was off! 
 Mid jump!
 Then I was just left with the garden. I had a massive tidy up the other day, mainly of the out of control Jasmine bush. I came away looking like I had been attacked but it is much better now and the roots of my irises are exposed to the sun like they should be. I washed the yard too after getting rid of accumulated rubbish, then the other day I bought some cheap bedding from the supermarket-petunias and sweet peas, and have dug out all my lovely pots and planted them in the hope of later colour.
 The fennel is really getting going now. I look forward to it getting really tall and jungle like again this year. 

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Linda Sue said...

such a sweet little garden! Maybe you should have your camera out all of the time, put it on Lily's her food, let her sniff it and have her way. I am hoping that you and Andrew can meet up with us perhaps in Amsterdam next September! That would be GRAND!!!