Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Random and Recent

In the old days of teaching, (and, unbelieveably to me but it's true, I have been teaching for almost twenty years, so feel qualified to say this!) there used to be a thing called 'Recent and Relevant' experience, that those in leadership positions had to gain, to keep in touch with the classroom. It was a good thing I think, and one that should still go on, but doesn't. It has nothing to do with this post, just made me think of it when the title popped into my head.
Here is a selection of recent photos I like. They are mainly school, some linked by colour or mood, and some by subject. But if you are looking, you could work that out for yourself!
This brilliant picture is by R., and is of H. This is an 'S.'-I say an 'S.', as she has a pronounced style of painting people, and this is it! I liked this so much that she went back and painted me one to keep.
This is H.'s work. I watched her in fascination, as she deftly and surely made these marks-which reminded me of Stone Henge-and am glad I took the photo when I did, as Sophie came along and joined her and it became a free for all with lots of giggling!
These are our bean bags. By today everyone had one, as far as possible. They are filled with some kitchen towel, a broad or a runner bean seed, and a little bit-A LITTLE BIT!!! of water, and stapled to the fence. I have seen this done before, so hope it works, but, as I kept telling the kids, 'it is an experiment, which means we don't know if it will work or not'
The alien gets time out. Not sure what he had done.
Exploring the compost and cress tray can be dangerous work.
You need a good lookout at the front.
Last week I cleaned out the grotty palette paints and put in lovely new ones. A messy job which requires soaking and throwing away the last bits of paint. Except I didn't want to throw them away, so I made paint balls. Harry was most excited about this. Not sure what to do with them now, but they are made anyway.
Misty view over Reception.
Sunrise reflected in windows behind building site.
Non-school related, but Cassie winking and licking her lips must be shared!


Leenie said...

I so love to see your adventures working with the children. My favorite kind of art comes from very young people. I had a class of youngsters who did the bean-in-a-bag with all kinds of great results. They took theirs home and stuck them to their refrigerators with magnets. The warmth from the fridge helped the plant grow. I was told the ones that didn't get much light turned into some amazing long white science projects.

Carole Reid said...

I was reading this without my glasses and when I came to the paint balls I thought they were burgers on the grill. Had to find my glasses and take another look!
Great shot of Cassie!

Linda Sue said...

Cassie looks like she just ate Mouse creams!
Love the art from children- always!