Monday, 19 March 2012

'appy apps

I am enjoying various photography apps-this one was recommended by Elizabeth-thanks! It is called Camera Bag and has 16 different photo treatments to play with and is very easy to use. I love the variety of apps available-amazing! I wonder when there will be one to do my washing and clean my floor-the really useful stuff. I just leave my phone at home all day, and come home to a clean and well organised house. I would pay extra each month for that! Minutes, texts, downloads and cleaning. This is the mystery plant-alas not fritillaries, but Irises which I have no memory of planting, but which are very lovely so never mind!

Tulips which are orange and smell orangey.

Camelias in different ways. This one is '1974'

'fisheye' 'Lolo'


Jenny Woolf said...

Oh, fisheye is lovely! I must consider getting some photo apps.

Leenie said...

A phone app to do cleaning! I'd download and pay for that one for sure. But with my luck the phone would turn my house into a Lucille Ball disaster by the time I got back.

Fun effect on your photos. Jealous of your flowers. We got more snow today. I think the very late winter has finally arrived.

Liz said...

Too funny about the cleaning!

I love the iPhone photo apps! They are so much fun! I am using Pixlromatic. I have used others but this one seems to be my favorite!

Have fun with your apps!

Anonymous said...

The iris are lovely and I love the fisheye!

Lynne said...

I think I'm in the mood to look at some photo apps. I was looking at pixlr yesterday, but only a quick look so far.
Love your flowers, must be cheery in your garden. The fisheye photo is a particularly eye catching photo.

Tracy said...

Happy Spring, Sarah! LOVELY spring blooms from your garden... I like the fisheye view! I do wish they would come up with some apps for cooking and cleaning--it would free up so much time that could be spent more creatively. ;o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

jabblog said...

Irises and tulips in bloom already - how lovely.

rebecca said...

i love your view on life,
happiest first day of spring!!!!

Queenie Believe said...

Me too! Me too! I want the cleaning app!!!
I just love spring flowers and your camelias are wonderful!!!
Have a great day,
Always, Queenie

Paula said...

So pretty! We have flowers blooming but it's so wet and soggy that I haven't gotten in good pictures yet. I love your Iris' and keep meaning to get some planted.

I want that housecleaning ap!!!!

kendalee said...

Oooh, what fun! I'm going to have a play with some of these too.

And isn't that camellia just too gorgeous?!