Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Chasing Sunsets

I am always doing this-chasing sunsets that is. I think of 'The Road' when I see one, and feel lucky to be living in a time where they can still be seen. I don't take them for granted. So tonight, as I drove home, another spectacular sunset was happening-and distracting me from driving so I had to really stop myself and make myself concentrate. There were towers in the distance, in layers of hazy light, faint and lovely. When I got home I went for a very quick walk, and took some pictures on my phone. It was just the right light to make flowers glow. As well as glowing, these Hyacinths had a delicious scent.
Shapes and lines against the sky always catch my eye.

This last picture makes me laugh. Nothing to do with my walk but I thought I would share it anyway. This is Tiger, having just triumphed by walking around my book, in order to be able to sit on my chest, right in front of my face. This is what she likes to do nearly every night. She is very affronted by books or anything else taking my attention. She perseveres, and will only leave a short gap between repeated attempts to get what she wants. She does the slow walk to get this, and that makes me laugh so I can't say no! If you have a cat you will probably know about the slow walk. It is used to get away from confrontation-there may have been a bit of hissing or puffing of the tail, but a fight is not really wanted, so one cat will turn very slowly and walk very slowly away. Non-threatening I think. And I suppose Tiger is avoiding confrontation with me. But what it makes me think of is that she is trying to make herself invisible so I won't notice her sitting on me! She does not stay once the light is switched off, but goes into the sitting room. What this routine is all about I have no idea.

I will try to film her doing the slow walk one day.

She also does it to be able to sit right in front of the computer-usually on my arm.


Queenie Believe said...

Beautiful sunset photos!
I think Tiger thinks that during waking hours you are to focus your undivided attention on her ... on demand of course when she demands.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

rebecca said...

i like to think it is all about the light, but i am as sure as the heavy cat that occupies my chest each night,
it is all about cats!

Leenie said...

You do have some fine sunsets. I like that you're not so preoccupied to appreciate them and that you take time to share them. The world would be a sad, sad place without them.

Laughing about Tiger's slow walk. I've seen that often having shared a life with cats. They can be great companions.

Linda Sue said...

Hahahah Cats are so insane, I love tiger's ninja trick! What a bunny!
Hyacinths already???It must be warmer there than here- I am packing for May- wondering what the weather might be in London then?
It will most certainly be very warm in Venice-but London...Give me a clue...

Carole Reid said...

My cat and you cat were separated at birth! They are so alike! Lucky you to see the sunsets. Ours are blocked by Mnt. Benson.

Unknown said...

Cats really are a law unto themselves, she sounds hilarious.

Love your images, nice to see that you have been able to take a walk after work..

Rattling On said...

Great pictures, we've had some lovely sunsets as well.
Re your previous post: we planted an area (very small) at school with meadow flowers last year, and put birdboxes on the wall by it. The flowers were lovely, even in autumn they provided seeds for the birds. There are blue tits in one box and bees in the other!

kendalee said...

Tiger makes me smile! And so does the image of you, chasing sunsets. I think that's something you should put on your CV... successful sunset chaser and catcher of glow. Thank you for sharing the loveliness of your walk and the looniness of your cat!

Anonymous said...

I love sunsets too - fortunately our lounge window faces the right direction to enjoy them. Cute cat photo (yes, me the cat disliker said that!!)