Tuesday, 26 May 2009

White Spider

Here it comes!
A little further...

This spider was in Andy's brother's garden on Sunday. Earlier in the day it had caught and eaten a bumble bee. I found some white spiders by googling but nothing exactly the same. I have never seen one before. I love that-when you see something weird living in the garden, it's a zoo out there!
If anyone knows what this spider is I would love to know. I also googled albino spider and discovered there is a band of the same name!


Unknown said...

oooooooooooh pretty...my neighbor calls me the spider lady. Once in awhile he tells me..Sonia come get this spider it has left ur property and I dont want it here. So I take my broom and go it and put it back in my garden...LOL..not that i know or not if it was mine or not not like I have named them or have them tagged. LOL...
Oh I think its a Goldenrod spider... http://www.boston.com/bostonglobe/photos/portfolios/john_tlumacki/

Sonia ;)

Anairam said...

I am more intrigued by those amazing flowers. What are they? They are stunning! Oh, Sarah, I am a wee old scaredy cat when it comes to spiders, I really, really don't like them - brown ones, black ones, white ones - they give me horrible shivers and goose flesh and I think I'm just quietly going to sneak away now ..... PS Thanks for the birthday song!

frayed at the edge said...

Super photos - but I don't know anything about white spiders - so it would be a case of - if in doubt, run a mile!!

Kat Mortensen said...

Is it an Albino variety of something else?

I have an award for you at my Keepsakes blog.


Renee said...

Sarah I totally hate that spider. It completly gave me the shivers.

At first I didn't even notice because the flower was so gorgeous.

Yikes, stay away from it, it could have flown up into your face.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful spider and flowers! I am not sure what kind it is. We get these large brown ones in the house. I trap them and take them back outside. They are our mosquito controllers... LOL!

Shell said...

Let me share that I love spiders. I have never seen a white spider or even knew they existed. Your pictures are wonderful, too.

Rajesh said...

Very beautiful flowers. Looks like the spider has found a nice home for itself.

Anonymous said...

great pictures. the spider looks quite pretty :)

Brother Tobias said...

It's a female common crab spider. They are usually white, pale green or yellow, but can change their colour over a few days to suit their background. They like to sit on flowers and ambush pollinating insects by grabbing them with their long front legs. (I had a girlfriend like that once).

Candace said...

Well, that is fantastically beautiful and ODD with that red stripe especially. (Oh Tobias!!!)

Candace in Athens. x

Katie Jeanne Wood said...

well, he's a charming little bugger, isn't he? i wonder if he's poisonous?

Sarah said...

I always mean to reply to everyone on every post but, as with so many things, never get round to it. But I just have to today! So many fun replies! Sonia-that spider is exactly it and then I see Brother T's reply below which is also it. I put a question into google and came up with the Goldenrod Crab spider-also it so I can only conclude they are all the same spider but with different names. There are some great photos of ones that are yellow. I bet they have been under my nose all this time but because of their great camouflage I have never seen them.
Anairam-I emailed you but if you didn't get it they are Foxgloves.
True Anne-but I was brave and got my camera!
Thanks Kat!
Sorry Renee! It gave me shivers a bit too but fascination overcame them!
I do that too Liz! If the cats don't eat them first!
Have you read 'James and the Giant Peach' Shell? There is a sad tale of a spider that got stuck in the paint on someone's ceiling. It made me have more sympathy for spiders than before. Now I do like them but not if they are on me!
Thanks Kamana! True Rajesh!
I have a scary image in my head BT!
He is Candace!
Not to us big humans Miz Katie, but watch out if you are a bee!
If any of you came back to read a reply, thanks!

Hey Harriet said...

Oooh I don't much like spiders, but that one has good taste in his/her choice of flowers to hang out in ;) I'm of no help in knowing what type of spider that is. I haven't seen one before. Thankfully! I try to avoid spiders as much as i can :)

kendalee said...

I generally prefer my foxgloves without spiders - I'm with Anairam on this one! Don't mind snakes, worms, bugs, rats etc. But do not love spiders of any size or variety. But, as this is technically only a blogland garden, and she is quite pretty, I won't be too scared.

And great pictures! :)