Monday, 4 May 2009

Bank Holiday

The plan was to do nothing much but then we did quite a lot. We went to see my Mum on Saturday, hoping to see my brother (back from his travels) too but he was out (we didn't ring ahead!) Took Mum some flowers, had a chat and saw her latest art. She has been going to art classes since she retired and she loves it. These are two of my favourites from her latest work.
On Sunday-James and Jenny came round for footy and lunch. Newcastle lost again but Andy made delicious food! (Including those strawberries)

This morning, the perfect Monday-one without work-I was woken up by being squashed by cats!
We hummed and haaed about what to do. Went to Greenwich but it was heaving so went to Sheppey instead-it's quick and it's the seaside and it was about 2 o'clock by this time.
The journey was marred by killing a small bunny that leapt out in front of me-I was doing about 40mph and could not have stopped but I still felt very bad. There is actually lots and lots of road kill whenever you go anywhere-very sad.
Sheppey was gloomy but I quite liked this view.
I think this is sea kale-it was very healthy looking whatever it was.

These little things look like little brains-I think they are egg cases but I am not sure.

Sea kale with my one interesting beach find propped on top.

We had chips, traditional on Sheppey! While I waited I watched these enterprising starlings raiding the chip shop bins. They poke holes in the bin bags very efficiently.
This is what I made with some of my previous Sheppey and river bank finds-the tech guy-he's made out of discarded technology and he's a guy!


Unknown said...

I absolutely enjoyed that journey. I think Tech guy is awesome. Hi ya from Austin Texas...I am following your blog and enjoy it...

Sonia ;)

Candace said...

This was such fun to read! I do like the tech guy. Your mother's art is so atmospheric and I remember seeing your brother's art before. Your entire family is very creative, and that is a great gift.
Glad you had some time off.
Candace x

Anonymous said...

I love your Mom's art work. I am glad you enjoyed your Holiday!

frayed at the edge said...

Your Mum's paintings are wonderful - and I like your tech guy too!

A.Smith said...

I love your Mother's work! I was telling Barry that obviously talent runs in your family, and about that little tech fellow, aren't you going to give him a friend? He is too adorable to be lonely.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone and I shall tell my Mum what you said!
Nice to meet you Sonia!
Thanks Candace! And Liz!-And A Donald too!
Maybe I should make him a friend Allegra! I have plenty more beach finds in the back room! I really enjoyed making him. Sometimes I agonise over things and they take me ages-he took about an hour with some wire and a glue gun-much more fun!

Hey Harriet said...

that's so cool that your mum has taken up art classes. I really like what you've shared of her work! Oh a trip to the seaside on a public holiday is a perfect way to spend the day! Your techie guys is a cutie :)

Joanna said...

Yes, I also like your Techie Guy and I think he needs a friend. Great way of using beach finds.

Janine said...

Sarah, your mother's art is beautiful! I love your techy guy too! Very creative family you have!

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your mum's art. It is wonderful! I can see why you liked these pieces. Love your cats, too! :-)

Candace said...

Here's another note. I just happened to drop in and see that treasure trove up in your banner. Wow, talk about a find. Techguy friends aside, dumpster dives and recycling centers are great places to "discover" things of all sorts.

Have a great weekend, Sarah!
Candace x

storyteller said...

What a lovely post! Your mother's art is amazing ... and your photos memorable. Great way to spend you time off.
Hugs and blessings,

Helen McCookerybook said...

My cats do that to me too. Makes it difficult to get up!
Look forward to seeing you on Sunday too!
H x

Renee said...

Sarah I see how you are such a dream artist. With your mother and brother.

It is a family gene I see.