Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Pre-Party Bones

I am really looking forward to the Halloween Party at a Fanciful Twist on Saturday. It is my birthday on Sunday though and in this world we are going to my Mum's on Saturday afternoon, staying there overnight and having a birthday/Christmas dinner on Sunday. This is because my brother is home from travelling and will be off again in a couple of weeks and so will miss Christmas. So I want to prepare my posts! I am getting the hang of layout but am still not finding it easy.

I have a few little things for the party-a mixture of things I have collected and certain characters who cannot wait to be there.

Well, back to the things I have collected. I have been looking around my house and have realised that I may be quite ghoulish and death obsessed, due to my collections of bones and skulls. There is something about a good skull that I can't resist. The sheep's skull I have comes from Scotland and I found it on a walk on a very grey day. Unfortunately it was not quite free of flesh and I had to boil it in a saucepan with bleach. I do not recommend that as a course of action. Yeuch. I have a little fox skull from my garden in one of our flats in London. My deer skull was from Greenwich market (but from France originally) and my woodcock skull was from ebay. Ebay is absolutely full of skulls and I have to not look. The best skull I have seen was in a restaurant window display and was an elephant. Oh how I wanted that skull!
I also have various bones that I have found on the bank of the river Thames on beach combing expeditions. Most of the bits of china, clay pipe and oyster shells you find on the river are Victorian so I presume the bones are too. I polished them with furniture polish so they smell nice. I have never made anything with them but they have a lovely tactile quality that makes me pleased they are mine. They also sound quite chime like when they knock together. The little skulls are some bone beads I found at the market last Sunday.


Heather said...

i will see you at Vanessa's party! I cant wait for all the spookiness to happen. Nice to meet you!~

Fiona said...

HI Sarah

nice of you to stop by! The gravestone is an 18th century one from Arbroath Abbey - fab skull. I see why it took your eye now!