Friday, 3 October 2008

Windmill Story Part One

Once upon a time, let's say 1965, there was a little wooden windmill, made in Switzerland, for sale in Holland, shiny, new and desirable. It was not just an ordinary windmill, but a musical one. Wind the sails and it will play a merry tune. A young couple are on holiday and buy the windmill to remind them of their happy time, wandering around Holland.

The little windmill goes home with them to England, it stays in their house for forty three years, occasionally being wound to remind them of that distant time, especially when the grandchildren call round. One day however, for whatever sad reason, the windmill finds its way to the charity shop. It sits on the shelf, looking tatty and unloved with its little sail just about clinging on. It is only £4! It plays a beautiful tune! I must have it. It comes home with me, to sit on my shelf for a while, ocasionally to be wound, until an idea slowly begins to form.

To be continued....

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