Monday, 13 October 2008

Sunny Saturday

This Saturday we visited the Geffrye Museum in East London. I drove, which is quite brave for me as I don't often drive north of the river! We managed to find somewhere to park-£4 an hour! but convenient. It was a really beautiful hot and sunny day. On the way to the museum there were some amazingly dressed Hoxton people. I am too shy to take photos of strangers so alas none of those! I did notice the returning trend of lumberjack shirts, lots of grey, strange huge glasses, very skinny jeans, and a variety of plimsolls in various colours, some of them lace up versions of the ones I used to wear at school. There was also a Halloweenish selection of graffiti on offer which I did take photos of.

Black cats...

Skeleton man...

Zombie man...
and heart faced ghosts.

I also loved these heads in the window...

and these monsterish railings.

The museum is fascinating, showing the changes in interior use and design over the centuries. It is a very peaceful setting considering its location. You walk through a hedge and a gate off of a busy, dusty road, into a hushed, green space. This feeling of peace was what I liked best about the museum.

I couldn't take photos inside but here are a selection of postcards. I love the Victorian painting called "The Appointment", by Rebecca Soloman where you can see the young man who has called for her in the mirror. There is a set of lights exactly like those in the museum. I also loved the polar bear which was in the 1930s room setting ( I think!). It is by John Skeaping for Wedgewood.
I love the logo of the museum-a keyhole that we are peeping through.
Very worth a visit!

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