Thursday, 23 September 2021

Holiday Home

When I saw this  case in one of my favourite charity shops a while ago I knew exactly what it was. A travelling doll bedroom for the Girlettes! It is perfect as it has a luxurious satin fabric inside, pockets and a shelf for extra accomodation. First  though, they all said that they had no pajamas. I can't make pajamas, so they had to put up with nightdresses instead. 
Trying it out for size.
Duvet and pillow in rainbow stripes. Minnie likes it!
But even better with a cup of tea and a good book.

Nightdresses made. Left to right Minnie, Madeline, Hope, Racer and Lorna. 
The mini lamp is meant to be a reading light for humans but is so much better as a bedroom lamp. The lightbulb is also a reading light. I have had both of these for ages and now they have a purpose. 
There is various bedding to choose from. I made a knitted blanket in moss stitch, a knitted blanket from furry yarn which is so soft, a rug, large seaside cushion, duvet and pillow and a quilt. So now if we ever go anywhere we will be ready!


Linda Sue said...

Oh how sweet that is. Lovely job , i would wish to be so small so that i could have a bedroom just like that.

River said...

I love the nightgowns and bedding, the whole setup is adorable. Great idea to use a reading lamp.

Fresca said...

EXCELLENT!!! A thousand * * * gold stars, Sarah!
Your girlettes are lucky!!!
They are adorable in their new nighties, and in their traveling bedroom with clever adaptations.

I hope you all get to go somewhere this coming year...

I'm about to go up north to Lake Superior for a couple days, but the girlettes have deemed it a Small Bear Trip; they themselves are staying home.
"The Small Bears need more attention," they say.

Fresca said...

P.S. That shelf compartment in the case is the best--reminds me of a sleeper car in a train!

Anonymous said...

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Fresca said...

My friend Marz (who named Racer) saw these pictures and said, “It’s like these dolls got to go to Tom Bombadil’s house and stay forever!”

Sarah said...

I like Marz's comment!