Thursday, 23 October 2014

This Week

Saturday-second day attempting to clear our shed, as our neighbour is building a house behind our garden and the shed's walls are his outhouse walls. This will be knocked down. We will get a new shed eventually, and he is storing some of the stuff for us as we have nowhere else to put it. I have got rid of a lot of things but there is still lots left. Cassie likes to go on the roof and gets very excited at any action in the garden, so she had a good day anyway. She will not be impressed with the building though!

 Sunday was my birthday. We went to Andy's sister Helen's for lunch which was lovely. Helen and I went for a walk on the heath looking for mushrooms, and found loads. We must have seen at least fifteen varieties.
 I think this is an Amythyst Deceiver. Below are some Spiny Puffballs. 

 The last ones we found were these amazing Fly Agarics!

 On Monday I worked in a nursery in New Cross. I got off the bus early on the way home, so I could walk through the park. This is the Ranger's House.
 I found only one mushroom in the park, but the trees made up for that. 
 This is some kind of fir cone. More like a catkin with that yellow pollen, but it came from some kind of conifer.
 I didn't work Tuesday, so had the time to finish the shed. It was hard work!
 Yesterday I worked in a lovely nursery in Newham. 
I made some of these mushrooms in the evening.
 Today it was back to Bethnal Green. I was in Reception all day which was good. One more day then it is half term! I am doing two days work for Arty Party on Monday and Tuesday then a few days off.
 I saw these fingers on the way to The Museum of Childhood after school. I fancied popping in. I found a great book for my brother for Christmas and saw this Alice chess set.
Not sure what the furry thing is in the foreground!


Steve Reed said...

That amethyst mushroom and the puffballs are amazing. Aren't fly agarics poisonous? Or am I thinking of Amanitas?

I'm sure the cat will adapt to the new shed. :)

Leenie said...

Mushrooms popping out here too thanks to our wettish weather. Hope you can get all that building done before the weather turns icy. Looks like your new job is a lot more interesting.

Laura S Reading said...

Check out those trees!
I can see why you like to walk.

Candace said...

Thank you so much for sharing your adventures and your lovely walks and artwork -- that painting of the mushrooms was excellent! So glad you are still here. Hope you enjoy your new job! ;)