Friday, 14 September 2012

Dolls Again!

 Latest lot of dolls halfway through. I took a different approach to their clothes this time-there was a slight black and white theme with some-a bit of the Breton influence, but each one was different. I felt like a mini fashion designer and I liked that feeling! These are not great photos-the dolls are in their ziplock bags to keep them clean and dust free, but you get the idea. I made these little outfits and a couple of them made me want to have a big version!
 This one is one of my favourites-I am getting better at finishing the clothes neatly and understanding how the patterns work. This dress and cardi combo really pleased me!
 This one was an exercise in problem solving-the skirt is wrap around and the top a bit big really but once tied with the skirt looked ok. I like the mix of patterns.
 This one looks quite sixties. I used the button holes on the shirt (I used old clothes and charity shop clothes for this latest lot and she needed something extra.)  I struck upon the idea of a mohair jacket. My friend Clare has a black and a white furry jacket and they look great so that also helped me!
 This doll is a naughty ebay purchase-inspiration is my excuse! I love that row of pearl buttons.
 Gorgeous hair.
 A bit smelly so she had a bath.
 She looks happy.
 Doll unrelated cloud picture.
Coffee in the square at lunchtime, with my friend from work and the charming baby starlings. She took much better pictures than me which I may share later!


Linda Sue said...

so brave to give little Miss smelly a bath in real suds! She is a dream girl and YOURS are awesome- what fun to play project runway with loads of dolls. Every outfit is adorable- Loving the cardi and the mohair jacket!
(Not so great news re: our Stella- breast cancer has returned for the third time...small and do-able, fingers crossed...)

Rattling On said...

Now I definitely want one. And I love your story in the previous post, I can identify with it very closely.

Carole Reid said...

Sarah, I quite like the way you photographed the dolls in the plastic. Each doll has such personality.
And the dolly in her bubble bath really does look happy!

Sarah said...

Thank you! Dawn you can take your pick when I have completed the thirty I hope to!

Rattling On said...

Ooooh, ta!! Just tip me the wink.

rebecca said...

the doll.
the face.
the pearls.
in the bubbles...
what an amazing shot that stirred my childhood and then; my motherhood.


Sarah said...

Aah I'm glad she did that Rebecca!

Tracy said...

Love seeing each doll and her own unique wardrobe. These make me think of a cloth doll my mum made for me when I was 8... I wish I still had it. :o) Happy Days, Sarah ((HUGS))

Serenata said...

I just love your dolls Sarah, I think they are wonderful and their clothes look fab! I like your little ebay buy as well, very sweet indeed.

Queenie Believe said...

Your dolls are great fun, full of personality. Love the doll with the mohair jacket.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie