Saturday, 22 September 2012

Good Things

The first few weeks back at school after the summer are always hard, but this year they have been horrible, not due to the children, or the job in fact, but due to another situation, none of my making, which has been dominating the minds and feelings of all the lovely people I work with. It is a situation that is still not resolved, and even when it is I will not be able to talk about it here. However, even though it is not over, I have decided to stop letting it get to me, and have started to feel more as I usually do this week. And this weekend I have been just enjoying staying in the present, rather than dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. These pictures are all little snippets of that, and so they make me happy to look at them. 
Heavy rain last night-Cassie's favourite sort of weather (she is quite a weird little cat really!) I wanted to take a photo of how wet she was, and had to pick her up to do so. This is with the camera turned around on my phone and so is blurry with water that came off of her! I dried her with a paper towel, which I don't think she minds too much.
Cassie's paws amaze me by being so huge!
Attempted crochet with rope. A chain is fairly easy, but after that it is very hard-well impossible actually. I think I will use the rope for bag handles or something. It is very attractive rope.
A large dolly head on top of a wire dress form. I made the head based on the vintage French one and its friend (not so vintage!) below. All these things are for my stall at the fair. I am very excited about the whole thing. I saw my friend today-the one who is organising it, and she is very excited too!

Aren't they gorgeous?! I couldn't believe it when I saw the one on the left last weekend in Greenwich. It is just the same as those I saw in Dinan on holiday. The second one came from ebay. She is not quite so lovely but she is growing on me. They will be modelling scarves at the fair. The filter on this photo is from the Vintique app which I love!
Little Bear giveaway post below-still time to enter!


Rattling On said...

We are at the start of single status at school and it's getting to everyone, the uncertainty more than anything really.
Loving all your stuff for the stall. I think you'll be a roaring success.

Kat Mortensen said...

Oh, you are going to be a huge hit! Your imagination and skill are boundless!

Cats have way making everything feel better, don't they? Cassie is a quirky little beauty!

Hope things improve soon.



Anairam said...

Oh no, it s horrible to have a Situation at work which is not of your making. Hope it gets resolved soon. PS Thank you for your positive comments on my vessels! I have to say though that ceramics is not my thing. Although it is nice to work with the clay, it takes much too long - sometimes months - to see the final result. And sometimes you get happy accidents but other times you get more unpleasant surprises. Also, I can't do it at home - I have to do it in someone else's studio and then have to wait to get it fired. I prefer projects that I can work on at home when I have a spare moment!

snoopydogknits said...

Loving the pics of Cassie. She must be a weird little cat to enjoy heavy rain!!! Oscar chooses NOT to venture out in the rain, unless he's desperate! Hope the school situation eases at least. Schools are like pressure cookers sometimes, I think. Not good!Glad you are feeeling more able to not let it concern you quite so much. Ros

French Nanny said...

Just a thought about the crochet rope...

Why don't you try putting two lengths alongside each other and using a fine twine or crochet cotton to crochet a chain tightly around the two at intervals to make a bag handle or handles...

jabblog said...

My cat Singleton used to sit out in the rain.
I like your doll head - the eyes are so expressive. Your stall is going to be such an attraction.

Anonymous said...

I hope things improve soon at work! That's funny that Cassie likes the rain. My cats don't like it at all!