Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Some photos of the garden and lazy or not?

Meandering thoughts about all sorts of things mostly never make it to this blog-not very interesting and sometimes plainly nonsense. One such thought occured to me on the way home though, and I was reminded of it  by Anairam, who said in her comment on the post below that I am always busy and that she is lazy (but on her blog that is not the impression-Anairam you are always busy making something wonderful, or working hard or just looking after the lovely Snous, and having trips out and about)
1) I am a Libra, and traditionally am meant to be a bit lazy ( I quite believe in astrology!) I have never thought of myself as lazy as I do so much all the time and work hard and meet deadlines etc etc. However, as I drove home tonight I realised I am selectively lazy. I work really hard at some things, but totally neglect others. If it wasn't for Andy I wouldn't eat very healthily at all. I hardly do any exercise. I do the house work as I get to a point of not being able to stand it, but I could do so much more (but resent the time it takes)
Then there is the garden. I have phases of doing lots, then I let it drift. It is currently in a drifting state.
 Weed and small statue with lichen.
Translucent seedheads.
 A surprising orange sunflower.
 An intricate geranium.
 Giant sunflower seedhead gone to sleep.
 Fuchsia and strands.
I can never rememeber the name of this plant, but really appreciate the way it appears now to provide some autumn colour.


Carole Reid said...

Hi Sarah, I totally get what you said about being selectively lazy! :)

Sarah said...

You too eh?!

Anonymous said...

here in the states those plants are called autumn sedums.

Sarah said...

Sedums that's it! Thanks anonymous!

Jenny Woolf said...

Ah, those autumnal pictures. Honesty pods and huge sunflower heads. Summer really is over.... sigh...

rebecca said...

my sedums are blooming just as yours are...tell me sarah what are those silvery translucent seed heads?
life is such a balancing act dear friend...and i so love yours!

Tracy said...

Your garden has a wonderful, wild tangle look about it, Sarah...I love it! Our sedums are pinking now too. Your lichen-covered statue is sweet, pretty peeking up from a pot. We did very little real gardening this new--no new flowers or planting, just maintenance. With so much rainy, dull weather we were under-inspired with the garden. Better luck next year...LOL! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Your garden is so pretty! I can be selectively lazy as well. It drives me crazy!