Monday, 12 January 2009

Monday is Funday, the day after Sunday.

I have been tagged by Anne of Gaal Creative. I have never been tagged before so I am quite excited.
Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you (as I did above).
2. Mention the rules.
3. Tell 6 things about yourself.
4. Tag 6 other bloggers by linking to them.
5. Go to each person's blog and leave them a comment to let them know they've been tagged.
Right, here are six things. They are randomly plucked from my head at 9.30 on a Monday evening.
1. I love, love, love to drive. I only learnt a few years ago and it is like a curtain has been lifted on a world of excitement and challenge. Ok, not when I am in the shopping queue on a Saturday but the rest of the time.
2. Last year I considered becoming a black cab driver, imagining myself on the road, my own boss, London opening up before me. (I even got the application form) Then I thought about it a bit and decided maybe not. Especially because of number 3.
3. I have a terrible memory. It really annoys me that I can watch a great film or read an amazing book and not be able to recall the details. I can remember how it made me feel and general impressions but that is it. Why? ('The Knowledge' would have been a challenge)
4. I don't have children but I do have cats. I have to actively stop myself talking about my cats when other people are talking about their children. Oh dear!
5. I love staying at home and almost never want to go out. However, when I do, I invariably find myself having a good time. I must be a pain to live with!
6. One of my favourite artists is Picasso. I could stare at his work for ever. It is often so deceptively simple. The man was a genius! (Has that been said before?!)
Here are my six taggees-
Candace at Eyecandy
Clare who is a Morbid Miss
Jaybean at Justbeans
It was hard to pick-will they mind? Will they be happy? Will I annoy anyone I didn't tag? Lighten up I say to myself! I have tagged lovely friendly people who you should visit if you can!
Do you see my memory? How sieve like it is? As Nigel Tufnell on Spinal Tap claims about his lurid green x-ray t-shirt-it is a true representation. My Picasso tribute. It looks almost exactly like the real one but, sadly, is not worth millions.The man himself and my favourite quote, by which I live my life-'If you know exactly what you are going to do, what is the point of doing it?'One of my 'children'-look you see, she is going to learn to read in a minute.
The other one. Appreciating the corner.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag. I'll get mine posted in the next few days. I'll have to think of 6 things. I love the pictures of your kitties. I can so relate to number 4.:o)

Shell said...

You so got me,Sarah. I just got tagged last week. I'll put my post up tomorrow. Tags are fun for me. love staying home as well. I'm a nester.

Janine said...

Sarah, You are soooo talented!!!

I don't know six bloggers let alone six people! I am a hermit! That is one thing you now know about me...LOL! Now what? Who can I tag back?

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! I love all the things you decided to share with us! I also love to drive ... here in the U.S. we get a passion for what we call "road tripping" which is just an urgent desire to get out and drive. And, I have two cats, too. Yours look lovely, talented, and smart. Their U.S. cousins say "Hi!" :-)

Linda Sue said...

hello Sarah- I just looked at the paper dolls - Anairam- so clever and sweet- I have some brads i think that I will try to make a few- they would be great in cards!
Love this post and the Picasso quote! He was honery but said cool things...

Anairam said...

I like your six things! (And that Picasso quote - so true ...) I posted your three dolls last night. Actually they are my three dolls now - Yay!! (And thank you very very much!)

Laume said...

I love how you added photos - that was fun. And yes, the Picasso quote is an interesting perspective. I put up my six things post.

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone!
I had to look up honery Linda Sue. I see what you mean.

Leenie said...

Sarah, Thanks for visiting my site. After looking at your profile and your tag I can see we have alot in common. Some of my ancestors came from London and I like working with youngsters. As for the size of a moose. A full grown bull is HUGE--much larger than a horse.

Leenie said...

Oh, and people who know say moose are very dangerous, especially during mating season or when children are threatened (aren't we all) Most of the ones I have seen are hurrying away.

Sebrina Wilson said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment! you kitty is super cute! I love to read when people get tagged :)

Tim Atkinson said...

I LOVE that quote - it's going on Facebook as soon as I've stopped writing this! So apposite for anyone creative. And so true of life in general. Any idea where he said it, or in what context?

PS: My main blog is (which is why I didn't pick up your comment 'til today - thanks for stopping over!)

Helen McCookerybook said...

You would love the Picasso Museum in Barcelona Sarah. It is really small and has some of his brilliant pictures from when he was young- he was a very gifted figurative artist. The best paintings were of pigeons on a windowsill. We went to the Four Cats cafe where he used to go, and that was lovely too, very old fashioned.