Sunday, 25 January 2009


A while ago Laume suggested looking out for different kinds of line. I have been doing just that when out on walks. Here are a few I have found... The stark lines and dots of the plane tree contrasted with the chalky line of the aeroplane trail.
The tangled lines of the scaffolding.
The solid feel to the trunks of this line of trees compared to the soft and indistinct appearance of the upper branches.
The powerful and dramatic shape of a pollarded plane.
The geometric feel of the lamp posts as they march off down the street.
Go and visit Laume for some beautiful photos of tiny worlds on raindrops.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!

Laume said...

All good ones. I particularly like the tunnel "lines" of the one with the trees marching down the street. That scaffolding is amazing - is it broken? And I also like the unexpectedness of the street lights being the focus of the last photo. They have really interesting lines as well. Thanks so much for posting these.

Brother Tobias said...

I like the way the trees seem to have turned their backs and leant away from the building, as if recoiling from something within.

Renee said...

Thank you for your kind words Sarah.

This post was great because it showed me to look at things differently.



Candace said...

Fantastic shots, Sarah! I do love those street lights at the end. (Don't laugh, but when I was a kid, and saw the original War of the Worlds, I always thought the Martian ships looked like street lights! Needless to say, I was quite the nervous Nell when out at night...!)
I do so enjoy visiting your blog. Always a pleasure.

Sarah said...

Thanks Liz!
Thanks Laume-no the scaffolding is not broken, though how they construct such a tangled affair is beyond me.
That's quite scary Brother T. but I can see what you mean.
Thanks Renee.
Thanks Candace.Those lamposts made me think of War of the Worlds actually.