Tuesday, 8 June 2021


Here are a few recent photos of Eddie doing his thing in the kitchen. The situation now is that he comes in about twice a day, eats some food, plays, either alone, with Bollie or with me or Andy. His favourite toy is a ping pong ball. He seems to view us as a mix of second home/luxury hotel. We sometimes find him asleep in the morning. He is gone for long periods, hopefully to his own house. Sometimes he annoys Cassie, and sometimes Bollie doesn't want to play (playfight!) He is very fond of the furry throw you can see him on here. Look at that weird sleeping position!
He was squiggling around on this day, so I took lots of pictures as he was being so funny!

Cassie tries to ignore him.

What's in the hole!
Cassie can no longer ignore the situation. 
A bit of poking and hissing ensued. 
Who me?
He has a very high miaow, a pathetic little hiss and is very sweet and funny. He is much more friendly to us now, although Bollie is still his main focus. His best friend! 



Linda Sue said...

Eddie is ADORABLE, Cassie probably feels betrayed! The cat tree is fabulous, aren't you glad you got it? High rent hotel, Eddie is no fool. What would Eddie think of one of the Girlettes? Might bonk her. Some mornings when I am not fully awake I think I am there. I love that feeling!

River said...

They are both lovely. I can only handle one cat at a time.

Sarah said...

Wish you were here! Andy says Cassie calls me 'Traitor Mummy!'.
River, I have seen and played with etc 7 cats today!

Sarah said...

I am glad I got the cat tree. They love it, especially Cassie!

Rajani Rehana said...

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Rajani Rehana said...

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Fresca said...

Luxury hotel indeed!