Sunday, 6 June 2021

Yesterday we went to a strange place. I was looking for somewhere near the Medway or the Thames that is not too far away, and came upon this place. It is a 'Leisure Park' on the bank of the Medway right next to the M2 and rail bridges at Rochester. It has a bowling alley, Premier Inn, McDonald's , a pub, a gym, flats (I think) and a couple of other eating places. It was a lovely spot,  peaceful and a bit weird. The leisure park, although not attractive, provided food, toilets and parking. There is a path that goes along to the bridge then is blocked off. There was a little gathering of three boy racer types showing off their cars. There was a huge and empty carpark at that end. It was really cool under the bridge. (Temperature cool!)  Along the path there were pretty wild flowers. I love the tiny dark pink flower. It looks like a sweet pea but much smaller. 
The weather has been great this week for half term. Really warm and sunny with only one day of solid rain.

Wherever I go, there is always a derelict old boat. Such a shame. This one looks like it used to be great. 
And whenever I take a long distance spy shot of someone on a boat, they seem to be looking straight at me!
I have these flowers in the garden. Can't remember their name.
Andy leads the way.
I can see at least three bikes in the mud. And the cones were not lonely either.




Steve Reed said...

I believe your dark pink flowers are valerian -- we have them too, as well as white and light pink varieties. They re-seed like crazy!

Not only is the guy in the boat looking at you, so is his dog!

I wonder what the story is with that derelict boat? Seems like it would have some scrap value, at least.

Linda Sue said...

I am so excited to see you and
Andy! I am so homesick for you.

That looks a rather strange place to go for a picnic, Like under the freeway in Portland. Anyway, I hope it was yummy and that you did not get a sunburn. It is still very cold up here, I don[t mind it though.

The sad abandoned boat looks kind of spooky- I would love to board it.

River said...

That lovely old boat looks like it used to be someone's home. Perhaps a barge that used to travel the river selling and carrying assorted goods? Whole families used to live on them.

Fresca said...

THe cones sticking up from the mud (where the bikes were) look like shark fins! Land sharks?