Thursday, 1 April 2021

Back to the Foreshore!

Under the jetty. It looks pretty creepy I think but it isn't. It is a secret world. The tide was very low and on that part of the foreshore there is a way to get right down to the water, with solid parts and things to hold onto, unlike some parts where it is an expanse of mud that I don't trust. The mud on this part is mainly solid clay with large lumps of stone to stand on too. I didn't find much but I loved being back there. Nobody else was on the beach apart from a dogwalker right down the other end. 

A boat from the yacht club with three purposeful looking men. I practised my zooming and tracking skills!

Some noisy and comical geese. I am not sure if the first two are protesting about the second pair's arrival or greeting them!


River said...

I really should practise my zooming and tracking too. Loved watching the boat and seeing under the jetty.

Linda Sue said...

Still looks cold, and damp of course. Glad to see you by the water again. Finding things or not. The geese are usually friendly with one another unless there are slugs involved- that has been my observance. Nice zooming and tracking, steady hand!

Steve Reed said...

Your camera has a good zoom! I haven't seen the river in almost a year. It's hard to believe!

Fresca said...

The drama of the geese!
We have the same kind here--Canada geese!
What are they doing there?

I looked it up:
"Canada geese were first introduced to the UK in St. James's Park, London, in the 17th century. Today, the population numbers 62,000 breeding pairs."

How bout that?!!!

You could make a film---what settings you have to hand.