Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Words on a Walk

This was our Sunday walk. Down to the river at the barrier, along and back up. The river below Charlton and along a little way towards Greenwich, is the only part of it near here that is still industrial and not full of brand new high rise flats. There are plans to build some, and protests against them. I hope that they are not built as it still has the character it always had, and is interesting to explore. 
 I couldn't read this when I saw it. Only now do I realise it says tribe. 
 Love a good No Parking sign. The rougher the better. 
 All mod cons.
 Not any more. Glad they left the sign though.
 01 telephone numbers have not been around since 1990. Just looked that up and found this very interesting site. The history of telecommunications.
 The sign above the cafe that isn't there.
 Dusty MOT.
 To the point.
 Not today. There was a man exercising with the help of a tree and a dangly contraption that he was doing weird press ups on. He was annoyingly in the way.
 Ha ha, ha. It did actually make me laugh. I think I was a bit hysterical because of the heat. 
 Advertising but I like it. 
Brand new sign. The Valley is Charlton's football ground.


Fresca said...

I enjoyed this Tour of Signs very much!
I especially like to see handwritten signs in this digital age--
and the faded painted ones--the CAFE that isn't there (Ghost Cafe!)
or additions--"and sultanas".
(And there's another difference between American and British English--no one (in the Midwest where I live, anyway) says "sultanas"--I only know the word from British novels and cookbooks.
It's only "raisins" and "golden raisins".) We don't use currants much--only in scones.

Heartening advice for trying times. :)

Steve Reed said...

OK, the sultanas sign made me laugh too. Thanks for the tidbit of info about 01 phone numbers -- I didn't know that! It will help me figure out how old signs like that one are.

Linda Sue said...

Agree, the sultanas - BEST! Nice sunshine over there! We are getting lots of rain, return to the dark. Your sign walk was very entertaining, looks like you covered some ground. I think I have forgotten how to walk. Curse you Pandemic!