Monday, 3 February 2020

Erith on Friday

I popped to Erith on Friday  to have a look at the river there. I only parked for half an hour and had time for a quick look around. I rushed around taking random photos of whatever caught my eye!

I love a keep off the grass sign. I can clearly see a worn path going acros the grass where people have daringly disobeyed. 
Look at all these heads. I was so happy to see them!

A Thames red-sailed barge on the side of The White Hart, which is an African and European fusion food restaurant. (Not that obvious but I just looked it up.)
I liked this scene.

The mud looks terrifying.

A sign commemorating the Pilgrim Ferry between Erith and Rainham Marshes. 800 years ago!
A tiny Hindu deity in the mud. Either an offering, or a chipped statue, which needs to be immersed in water. (There are various explanations.)
I liked the angles of the wall and the contrastingly rounded shrubbery.


Linda Sue said...

How lovely, not too far from Greenwich! The tidal mud does look like it would suck you right down, never to escape! Cool photos, love the curly wig, jealous!

Steve Reed said...

I've been to Erith and I recognize some of those scenes! I remember seeing several shopping carts in the river there. (Probably a pretty common sight all up and down the Thames, sadly.)