Friday, 6 December 2019

Insulting Brick and a Room on the Beach

I had time for a quick visit to the foreshore today, in between taking stuff to the charity shop, removing the old silicone from the bath and doing other necessary but not fun stuff. In the charity shop, I saw the lovely Luna the cat, and she even sat on my lap for a five minute cuddle. She is 22 and a very sweet girl!

 I found a pair of hooks, near each other so probably from the same thing. I left them there. I can't bring home any more big stuff as there is no more room.
 Under this structure felt like a secret room. The old wooden supports are beautifully weathered.
 Looking back towards Greenwich. 
 I found a dinosaur stone. 
  Then the insulting brick.
 Which was just a smashed up version of this one. 
 The dinosaurs were getting bigger, so I thought I had better leave!
 Its a bit hard to see, but there is a red sailed barge going past. 
 I also found a piece of flint that I am sure has been worked. I don't want to get too excited, as I am probably wrong.


Steve Reed said...

Those! Freaky! I always crack up at Dorking. Some British towns have the oddest names.

Fresca said...

I'm reading some of your older posts and enjoying them soooo much!!!
I am super envious of your river digs.
I've heard about Thames mudlarkers, and now I know one.

I live near the Mississippi River, but there are no low tides or shallow shores as the river goes through the Twin Cities (Minneapolis & St Paul), so there are no goodies, but I do have a friend who scours railroad yards and the like and finds some amazing stuff.

Thanks for sharing!