Monday, 21 October 2019

Deptford Creek

This little film was taken the other day at the entrance to Deptford Creek. It was only when I watched it back that I realised I was humming! I do hum a lot but I thought I knew when I was doing it!
There was a platform just at the corner that I was tempted to walk onto but decided it might not be sensible! I was standing in the remains of an old boat which I thought was enough excitement for one day! The best thing I found that day was a long piece of glass that I have no idea of the purpose of. It was just by the boat. Also, I just noticed the Heron on the left, which is standing opposite a crow. I saw him earlier but my photos were a little blurry!


Linda Sue said...

I assume that you wear hip boots to do that hunting. It does look like iffy ground! Cool bit of glass and the broken boat must have had a lifetime of stories!

Sarah said...

I just wear wellies. But I discovered this week that they have cracked, so some water leaked in at ankle level. Time for new wellies, or gaffer tape!

Peter parker said...

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