Thursday, 10 October 2019

Bits and Pieces

 Drawing with gold leaf-a shiny kind and a matte kind.
 Every morning Cassie follows me around until I am ready to sit down with my cup of tea. She then leaps on my lap for a brush (with a human hairbrush!) and a cuddle. Here she is gently ruining my tights!
 Back at the river last week. 

 This is when I was walking back to London Bridge. It looks as if they are keeping the building facade while development goes on behind.
 One of my favourite little pieces of pottery. Like a little 1920s face. 
 Very fancy taps in the art studios we visited a couple of weeks ago. 

 These two pictures were taken from the 22nd floor of some new flats in Greenwich where I was cat sitting two cuties. They (the owners not the cats!) said I could go to the top floor to have a look at the view so I did. It was amazing if a little dizzying!


Steve Reed said...

Are those pieces of pottery from the Thames? (I'm just seeing your "Baby Mudlark" post below so I guess so!) I occasionally find pottery shards on Hampstead Heath and I have a little bowl full of them. So exciting that you got your mudlarking permit! I can't wait to see what else you find!

Linda Sue said...

Andy would not care for that "view" from the top! Wonderful shot! LOVE the painting and LOVE the kitty, of course. Mudlarking has got to be the best idea yet! Free-ish shopping! Getting out and walking along the River. So good!

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