Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Happy Journal Pages

I am currently using an old book about pottery as my journal. I have gessoed the pages but left the more interesting parts visible. It is quite thin and shiny paper but seems to stand up to things quite well. Below are some of my recent playing around pages. 
 Happy (and possibly slightly smug) girl in toadstool dress. The vacuous but appealing Hello Kitty. Until I drew her I don't think I'd noticed that she doesn't have a mouth.
 The cat from Shrek, one of my favourite cartoon characters! 
 Using stamps and smudgy ink pads. 
 This was going to be a background but I like it as it is. 
 Same here!
 Not sure what story this rat is from but I couldn't resist him. 

 This 1930s looking building reminds me of some of the factory buildings in Leicester where I lived for ten years. There is also a very similar one near here by the Thames barrier. Love this style of building.
 This one is the result of some school preparation of a postcard that went wrong. It is a postcard of Jephson Gardens in Leamington Spa photocopied on blue paper, scrunched up, inked and printed on.

Then more rejected photocopies, a print of the stormy sky, and some silver transfer stuff-some sort of poor man's silver leaf that you rub over the back of, onto a glued surface.


lynne h said...

sarah! i smile!!!


Lynne said...

I like the scrunched up copy of a postcard with a bird on it. It's taken me a while to realise that photo of the postcard following it is the original, so different.

Shell said...

Like your journal pages. I am also a fan of Puss-n-boots too.