Monday, 5 May 2014

Fresh Air

A quick trip out yesterday lead to us discovering somewhere new. We were going to go to a country park not too far from here but decided it would be really busy as it was such a lovely day. So we then decided on Rochester. There was something called The Sweep's Festival on there so it was impossible to park. So we drove up and out a different way to normal, as I remembered a car park round the back somewhere. We couldn't find that, but kept going along a lovely road leading out of the town with some beautiful buildings along it. We saw a sign to Borstal Marina so, after driving a bit further, turned around and came back, hoping to find somewhere to have lunch.We ended up in a little village called Wouldham. It had a pub and parking hurray! It is in a valley with the Medway river at the bottom. We didn't actually get too close to the river in the end, but will go back some other time to try to do that. As we drove out of the village a different way, we had a lovely view of the valley and the chalk cliffs behind. It felt quite removed from everywhere in a strange and slightly magical way.


snoopydogknits said...

Looks beautiful! Anywhere but near crowds on a Bank Holiday! ;-) Ros

Leenie said...

So often the "destination" everyone is seeking isn't all that wonderful when everyone congregates on that small spot. You choice looks much more inviting.