Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I spent a lovely Saturday in Camden with Caroline and Cheryl. We pottered, had churros and coffee, pottered some more, walked along the canal, nearly got pushed off the bridge by a huge wedding party and then had lunch. It was great!

This is Kiki the parrot. I saw her and was commenting and before I knew it she was sitting on my shoulder nuzzling my hair. Her owner said that she has been in Pirates of the Caribbean. She is 20 years old and was bought from Harrods pet department, which only recently closed. I asked if I could stroke her, but she prefers not to be touched, as once she got her tail feathers set aligh,t so doesn't totally trust people. Sensible bird! When the man said that she should 'come back to Daddy' she wouldn't get off at first. Perhaps my hair would make a good nest! Here is Zoe Hazel who has also met Kiki.

Amazing but slightly disturbing costume shop.
Caroline the cat.
Cow looking at the canal. 

Lovely ladies!

Ducks and graffiti. 


Linda Sue said...

Kiki - Awww, such a lovely creature, very smart wanting to nest in your hair! Your photos of Camden ore fabulous, I am jelly, as in jealous.Looks like the sun was shining for you all day! Wonderful photos!

Leenie said...

Yes, great photos! Looks like a super day all around. Fun to see you and your new multicolored friend and your other friends as well.

Anairam said...

I laughed at the parrot photos! (I saw a parrot two weeks ago on my Infecting the City trip) Listen, I sent you an email to your hotmail dot co dot uk address to check your snail mail address. Have a look and tell me if it is correct? Then I will send off your postc(art) this weekend!