Sunday, 23 February 2014

Woolly Pursuits

I haven't been chasing sheep. I have been making things from wool. Nothing unusual there I suppose, and a good way to spend the last few days of the week. Below is the finished scarf. It is not easy to photograph a scarf and make it look good so I got out my plastic French lady to help. 

 I thought I had better get on with making some things for the fair I am doing in April. These granny squares are for bunting which I finished this afternoon. I have made one little doll blanket. I have no idea if little girls (or boys) want blankets for their dolls but I am going to make a few in case. It is knitted. It doesn't look much but took ages! Thirty little squares to knit, join and sew the ends in of. I found out how to do neat and fairly flat joining which I was not very good at. That was mainly done on Friday whilst watching the curling. I have also nearly made a crocheted flower wreath using a white wire coat hanger as a base. I like how that is coming along. The flowers are from Lucy of Attic 24 via a crochet magazine. Each flower takes only a few minutes to make so that has been quite quick. I still have leaves to add.
 This is my prototype mushroom pincushion. I also like how this turned out and it was fairly quick to make. I have ordered some plain cotton reels from eBay as mine all still have cotton on them. I keep all my ends of yarn in glass jars, ready to be used for something or other. They look pretty in the jars.
 This is what Cassie liked best about my activities. The soft pile of balls of wool to snuggle against. I had to get loads of balls out as I needed to be able to choose from lots of colours. I am gradually working my way through my vast wool reserves!


Leenie said...

I'm impressed with all your wooly projects and I agree with Cassie.

Candace said...

All just great, Sarah. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to.