Monday, 10 February 2014

Lily Being Silly, Colours and Weaving

Lily sometimes becomes a Meer Cat. This is her last night, captured by Andy,  when Tiger came back in from the garden. She can sit like this for ages if necessary! 

 I have not seen Tommy since mentioning him on here. Thanks for all the advice. I will keep you updated!
 A quick piece of tape weaving as a background for a face. I am missing painting and drawing as I have not done any recently. Mainly because of work taking all my time. When I have had a bit of free time I have been weaving or crocheting, or doing the washing! Work continues to be baffling but I am enjoying my days despite continuing negative and petty comments. Last week we had a couple of Chinese tea ceremonies, where, amongst other things that happen, 'the black dragon enters the palace' (putting the oolong tea in the pot). As a follow on this week, because it produced so much interest, enjoyment, and talk about their homes,  I am inviting all the children at different times to a tea party. There will be china cups, a pottery teapot, a milk jug, sugar bowl, lemons and milk, and a choice of two types of biscuit. So, although I am teaching, I am basically going to spend quite a lot of this week enjoying cups of tea and biscuits and chatting with my lovely class! What a great plan!
 This is a map I got recently, one of five , all with slight variations of the tones of the blue and orange. I love these colours together.
This is my woven scarf about half way through. I have now finished it, sewn in all the ends and trimmed the fringe at the end. I shall take a photo of it when at home next in daylight. I really like it, and learnt quite a lot about what not to do whilst making it. It is interesting how the tension is affected by the winding process. You have to wind it tightly or the up and down of the threads doesn't work, but this does distort it a bit. it seems to be solved by pushing up the threads quite firmly as you go. So the beginning end of the scarf has some loose patches but by the end it is quite good! I think it could possibly be solved by winding it back the other way and firming the first part before cutting and tying. I will try this on the next thing I make.


Leenie said...

Big smile at your "Meer Cat." I've never seen any cat hold a pose like that. 8D

The "tea party" with your class sounds super fun. I'd question the biscuits but I think they'd be called cookies here. I agree with you about the fun colors of the map. Great find!

Isn't it interesting how we learn so many things not to do next time when we get involved in a project. Theoretically we should get better with each try, but I find I just discover more ways to make different mistakes. Heh, heh. Looking forward to seeing the finished scarf.

Anonymous said...

Even I, with my dislike of cats, found that a very cute pose!!

Lynne said...

Lily Meer Cat, how sweet.
Drinking tea all week, what could be better? A lovely way to spend time with your class. I bet they'll love it.
I'm looking forward to seeing your woven scarf.

Candace said...

Silly Lily indeed! Great shot, Sarah. I can't wait to see your woven scarf. Perfect colours.