Sunday, 11 December 2011

Weekend Things

The weekend started with watching "The Lake House" on Friday night. I have not seen it before and it was most upsetting wondering what would happen and being convinced he had died, and having to wait to the very last second to find out what had happened. There were some inconsistencies but I enjoyed it.
Saturday morning started with a twenty person queue in the post office (where you pick up undelivered parcels) which I couldn't face and left very quickly. I was there behind three people the other day and it took about twenty minutes. Twenty people doesn't bear thinking about. It continued with a party which was most enjoyable and where I received good advice about a tricky problem I have at work at the moment. I have spent most of the weekend mulling over this problem and planning how I am going to deal with it tomorrow. I can't wait to get it out of the way so I can stop worrying!
I read the first chapter of "Middlemarch'' again after talking to our niece about her university work. She has to read "Jane Eyre", "Middlemarch" and "Great Expectations" over the holiday and she was not looking forward to "Middlemarch". I have only ever read the first chapter and would like to continue as I enjoyed it last night.

Today was spent sorting out the messy house, washing and ironing and then going to buy a tree. I didn't want one last year but this year it seemed a good idea again. It is a lovely tree, and after all the sorting out, hoovering, sawing (a bit off the bottom and a bit off the side to make it fit in the holder) it now looks beautiful in here. I found the peg person nativity I made the year before last and also got out the lovely habitat lights I bought in the after Christmas sale last year.

The cats have been mainly loving, and today, mainly asleep. In this picture Tiger, on the right, came along after Cassie, and kind of sat on her and slid down into a comfortable snuggle.

Tomorrow, as well as dealing with my problem, it is the day of the Christmas performance. We have spent a while making our own shakers, and the production starts with the Shaker Rap.

''We made our shakers and we'll show you how they SHAKE!!!

We made our shakers and we'll show you how they SHAKE!!!

They shake LOUD!!!

They shake quiet.

They shake HIGH!!!

They shake LOW

They shake FAST!!!

They shake low"

The kids have been rehearsing for about two weeks now and it has been fun. They are all great-just hope they don't go shy! At the beginning they all start off on my carpet and they walk round to the other carpet shaking their shakers. I thought it would be a fun and dramatic start to the whole thing.

Below are my own shakers I have made at home. The ones I have made from bottles I will take into school as the children are taking theirs home. The shakey eggs are an ongoing project and too delicate for the nursery I think. I have really enjoyed all the collaging of these shakers.

I hope your weekend has been fun or productive or both. Have a good week.


snoopydogknits said...

Hello there! We've made it.... well almost! We have our Christmas concert on Tuesday, with a reheasal tomorrow. Hope your problem gets sorted. Work problems are the worst, because they always come home too. Ros

Helen McCookerybook said...

Good luck tomorrow Sarah! x

Linda Sue said...

I, too, have been avoiding the post office! It is a mess and the postal workers are ridiculously passive aggressive, slowing down even more as the queue snakes around the building.
Hope your tomorrow is not too upsetting. Stay fabulous!

Jill Zaheer said...

Beautiful shakers. How creative and festive for the season!!

Leenie said...

Your home must be a cozy, festive and fine place to be. Good luck with the tricky work problem. Wish I could be there to see the Christmas performance. The shakey egg looks so bright and fun. SHAKE!

Unknown said...

Boy, what a busy weekend you have had.

Love your shakers, hope the performance goes well.

Tracy said...

LOVELY newsy, chatty, creative catch up this post, Sarah...and all the festivity. Hope the performance goes well. Middlemarch if a fave classic I seem to return to every couple of is so good. Your niece's uni work has some great reading on offer. :o) Happy Week, my friend ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I hope you got your problem sorted out and that the performance went well. When Stuart was little I made him building blocks from small boxes covered in sticky backed plastic ..... I put dried peas in them so that they made noises as he built towers, then knocked them down!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your Christmas performance went well! I loved the movie 'The Lake House' but Sandra Bullock is my favorite actress. I tend to like everything that she plays in.