Sunday 19 July 2009

Circussy Dolls and a bit of a rambly long post

This is the only photo of me from the pirate party that I like! The others look too much like a real pirate and might scare people!
As I was trying to photograph my horse without the aid of daylight I noticed how much he looks like this goat. I may have been subliminally influenced! The goat is the snack of a lion on a rug that Andy's parents gave us. It is a beautiful rug with a very simple graphic design. Ian collected Persian rugs and generously gave them away too, and this is one of the six we have. Have a look at this about the lion rugs of fars if you are interested!
I am quite pleased with the horse, it is more or less as I imagined it. I am not so sure about the lady. I lost sight of who she is-is she a trapeze artist or a ringmaster? Or a daring horse rider who can stand up on the horse's back? Why don't her legs bend properly?! I do like her hair though and I love her jacket-I made it by sewing ribbons together and attaching them to her as I did. A bit painful I suppose but she coped! I am glad I don't have to get dressed like that!
Back view.
The other part of this post is some photos from some great doll books I got from freecycle recently. I also got some 1940s and 50s craft books. I have mainly given things away on freecycle but this was a great find and I was lucky enough to be the first one who wanted it. The other thing I got was some old Homes and Gardens magazines which I am still enjoying. I think I do have a book and magazine addiction problem but it could be worse.
I love the circus characters above and may continue to have a go at animals inspired by this. I love how the lion looks a bit like a sheep!I loved these dolls in the air raid shelter.
The sink in this photo is pretty similar to our sink. I love the stained tiles and the way the tiny child is at massive risk in the huge deep bath. Watch out little porcelain baby!
Love her face and beauty spots!
This is so clever!

This is a fortune telling doll from about 1850 and her fortunes are on the paper under her skirt. I really want to make a doll a bit like this.
I love his face and the church he is carrying.
Enough rambling for now!


steven mcvay said...

that horse is very very lovely...
and you must be exc ited to be on summer holiday now you have broken up for summer.... well i think schools down here have ?. upt north they have ?... what you gonna do with all this time..?

Candace said...

Sarah! Just when I think a visit is going to be "just" a visit, you pull out all the stops.

While all these dolls are just delightful, I am so keen on that horse! Great job! And the trapeze artist -- or whatever she is -- is exactly as I would have imagined her -- VERY blond and very colourful indeed.

Thank you so much for sharing the books and dolls and what you've been up to.
Take care!
Candace in Athens.

Anonymous said...

I think your horse and doll turned out very pretty!

Anonymous said...

A lovely long rambly post! I have a very serious magazine and book addiction - recently to assuage the guilt, I have been taking batches of my vast collection of Australian P&Q magazines to the Friday patch'n'chat for the others to read/borrow!

kendalee said...

I LOVE your horse! And the lady, whatever she does, is extremely elegant and beautiful!

I have a thing for travel magazines - buy them, collect them, never throw them away. I need to think of some creative way of using them.

A pirate party sounds like fun... :)

Tracy said...

Such a LOT happening here today, Sarah! LOVE all the dolls, and the horse is all the unique expressions you give to your creation--each face is so different and special. You've been busy! A pirate party... you must tell more, that sounds like fun! Happy Day :o)

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! I love your horse. And I'd have to vote for Ringmistress, owing to her gorgeous, fancy ribbon jacket! :-)

Anairam said...

Lovely dolls - I really like the fortune-telling one too - the idea can be used in all kinds of ways - hmmmmmm - do I feel a project coming on? It will certainly go on my list ... Your circus doll is SO beautiful - very elegantly dressed too with her stripey legs!

christina said...

The horse is great!

Hmm... fortunes on her skirt? Brilliant.