Monday 27 July 2009

Circle of Friends

Anne of Gaal Creative has given me an award called Circle of Friends. Thanks Anne! It is to be passed on to five people you feel are your friends-I suppose that much is obvious! I wanted to list all the people who have become friends so I am putting a little more than five. I know some of you have already recieved the award but that is because it is a CIRCLE of friends! How lovely!
Before my list-here are the rules:-
Cut and paste the award logo and use it on your own blog.
Nominate at least 5 other bloggers you feel have become part of your circle of friends.
Link to your nominees within your blog post.
Include these instructions on how to pick up the award in your blog post.
Link back to the person who gave you the award in your blog post, to show your appreciation.
Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received the award.

Here is my list-I know some of you don't really do awards but you are still my friends! I will not be offended if the award never appears-it is still how I feel about you! NO PRESSURE!
I am doing the list alphabetically as I find this the easiest way not to miss anyone out.
A Fanciful Twist-The amazingly creative and charmingly friendly Miss Vanessa Valencia!
Beading Stars -Lovely, kind, serene and wise Allegra.
Black Eyed Susie - Sarah Faber, doll maker extraordinaire!
Bun Mountain Cottage- Lovely Lynne who takes the most beautiful photos of her Swedish home and has adorable dogs!
Charmingly Simple-Di is from Kent, as am I and we met through Suzi Blu. She is having a blogging break at the moment but will no doubt be back. I look forward to it!
Circling My Head- Renee is an amazing strong and loving person who gives so much to others, and I am so pleased to know her.
Dance of a Painted Lady-Kendalee is a talented writer who always inspires me! She takes the most beautiful evocative photos which complement her writing wonderfully.
Eye Candy-The lovely Candace in Athens Georgia writes of art shenanigans and other adventures. She is my only blog friend that I have met in real life and we had a great time!
Fra(a)ing- Anairam is a talented artist who makes the most amazing things from recycled items. She is very imaginative and funny and always makes me want to rush off and make something that has been sparked by one of her creations!
Frayed At The Edge-Anne is a talented quilter and knitter. She takes lovely photos of the beautiful Scottish towns and countryside where she lives and I am excited to say that we are going to meet up-(along with Andy and Malcolm!) one day on our holiday! Looking forward to it Anne!
Gaal Creative-Yes I know you gave me the award Anne but you are in my circle! Anne is a talented photographer and card maker and she shares her techniques in a clear and easy to follow way.
Helen McCookerybook- Helen is my sister in law but she is still in my circle of friends because she is one! She is a musician and all round talented artist, knitter, sewer-a woman of all arts I think! Your posts always interest me Helen and usually make me laugh!
HeyHarriet-Tracy is the lovely host of Shadow Shot Sunday. She is a talented photographer and a very friendly person to boot!
Journalling Through Photos-Kamana and her family live in the Maldives. She takes beautiful photos and writes about their lives and other interesting things. I love visiting as it seems so exotic to me-just beautiful.
Justbeans -I met Janine through doll making-she introduced me to ADO and I am so pleased she did as I really enjoy being a member. She is multi talented-making dolls, painting and drawing. She makes really beautiful dolls that I just love!
MesklaWonder-Linda and Becky are friends from London who moved to Greece. They write a most amusing and interesting blog about their life there with William the dog. Although they pretty definitely do not do awards-they don't do comments! -they are friends-even though I have not seen them for some time! I wanted to include them in my friendly list so here they are.
Miz Katie-We met through Suzi Blu and are intermittent visitors-I always appreciate Miz Katie's comments and love her art. She is also a talented photographer and fellow pet owner!
Pink Purl-The lovely Tracy of Pink Purl makes beautiful jewellery and knitted goodies. I love visiting her and enjoy her visits here too!
Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes-Kat is a poet and a great story teller. She is also a film buff and good cook. Multitalented again!
Steven's Happy Accidents-Steven is a talented artist-he creates all sorts of things in fabric and also finds vintage goodies to share in his shop. It was his birthday this week so happy birthday Steven!
Swan Of Dreamers-Shell is a talented actor and encourages others to follow their dreams. Her posts are full of literature, film, beauty and love!
The Dark Raven's Nest-Sonia is enthusiastic about other's work, actively promoting them and encouraging them. She is a doll artist and also makes wonderful birds!
The Dark Side of Everything Good-This is my friend Clare's blog. She writes poetry and fiction but is a bit shy about sharing! She is really good and when she does post something it is always worth the wait!
Tidbits From Liz-Liz is a faithful friend who has commented on every post I have done since we met-I am so appreciative Liz thank you! I love visiting her to see what she and Bryan have been up to and what delicious culinary treats she has enjoyed that week!
Tiny Red-Thereza is a talented graphic designer and illustrator from London who's work I love. As well as her art she posts great photos of adventures.
I really hope I have not forgotten anyone-well in fact there are many more I could add because I have met some very lovely people through Shadow shot Sunday and other blog events and memes I have joined in. This award is a lovely one as it highlights one of my my favourite things about blogging, and relates to my blog name which is all about the widening circle of people, ideas and places to go-it is never ending!


Katie Jeanne Wood said...

we met through suzi blu? i had no idea. i'm assuming you mean on ning. i haven't been there for a while now. i'm happy we still keep in touch. thanks for the linky love. :)

Shell said...

Thank you for the lovely award. Guess what I got your pretty ladies in the mail today. A nice treat to start off the week.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah, thanks for including me in your list! Now I will have to find time to visit all the blogs you listed - they all sound interesting!

Lynne said...

Hi Sarah,
Thank you for the award. A lovely one it is too. I will try very hard to put it on my blog. I am not very good at doing awards even though I always feel very honoured to receive them. The go slow computers will probably conspire against me as well.
Have a great day, and a great week, enjoy!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you Sarah, I am very happy to be in such interesting company!

Tracy said...

Congrats on this lovely award, Sarah...And I am touched you have included me among your wonderful circle of friends! :o) It has been so good getting to know you, visiting your very inspiring place here and to count you among my friends too. Have a terrific week! ((HUGS))

Janine said...

Thank you so much Sarah for the award! I really do appreciate it! I just don't know how to get it onto my page! Nevertheless I really am touched by the sentiment!

Hey Harriet said...

Wow thanks so much Sarah! You're such a sweetie! And of course congrats on receiving the award! My post just now was a little rushed so didn't have time to include it, but will mention it on my Sunday post for sure. Again, thanks heaps! xo

Candace said...

Sarah, wow. Thank you so much for this sweet award. Meeting you in and being IN London is one of my prized possessions even if only a memory with accompanying photos and blogs about it. LOL.

Love the sun in that photo. I used to collect them and they are still one of my favourite visuals.
Take good care!
Candace in Athensx

Kat Mortensen said...

My Goodness, Sarah! You sure do have a wide circle of friends! I count myself very fortunate to be included in this diverse and clever bunch. I shall post the award in a place of prominence until I pass it on and then it will be added to my award collage for enduring posterity!
Thanks so much!


P.S. How did the dinner go?

Anairam said...

Thank you, dear, dear Sarah! It is a privilege and honour to be included amongst your circle of very talented friends, I feel a bit undeserving! You have such lovely descriptions of your blog friends, I am going to visit those I do not know ...

kendalee said...

Oh how lovely Sarah, thank you! I'm touched and delighted to be included in your circle of friends. I love that we've met this way! And I also love that there's a gift award to celebrate this coolest of things about blogging - the warm, friendly, talented and amazing people who one meets in this blogosphere. I imagine one is not supposed to pass this award straight back but I would include you in my circle too... :) x

Renee said...

Sarah thank you so much. I love awards.

I have to tell you that it is so fantastic how you ended the post with the circles. Clever girl.

Love Renee xoxoxo

●• Thereza said...

awww thank you so much!!! such kind words too :)

steven mcvay said...

thanks so so much for including me, im flattered and honoured and all the words that mean happy to be chosen..
thanks so much...

Unknown said...

Awwww Sarah Thank you...Made me smile..I love your posts and friendship...Post tomorrow for sure...

xoxoxoxoxox Sonia

Anonymous said...

Sarah, You are too sweet! Thank you so much!

Relyn Lawson said...

Oh, I am enjoying all this linky love.

A.Smith said...

Thank you. If words could express my affection for you and your loving friendship I would use each and everyone. Lacking that, my gratitude will have to do.

Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! So happy to have nominated you for this award. And I'm having so much fun reading this lovely list of your circle, too! Thanks for nominating me right back! You're so sweet! :-)

Anonymous said...

awww thank you!!! i am touched :) sorry for the late response, but i have been without internet connectivity for the last 5 days! looking forward to catching up with everyone.