Monday 6 April 2009

I have been given a creative blogger award by Anne at Gaal Creative which is very kind of her-thanks Anne! Anne makes beautiful hand crafted cards using stamping and other lovely techniques. Visit her to see her lovely work and say hi!
Now I have to write seven things about myself which people might find interesting! Hmm. Tricky. Here are seven things about me which I mainly thought of on my drive to the shops earlier. They may or may not be interesting-you be the judge!
As I write I am listening to lovely sounds of the countryside on the radio on a station called 'birdsong' It is just a loop but with enough variety to sound interesting. It bothers the cat a bit but I like it, it is like the sounds of the summer in the British countryside condensed. There-that can be number one or we will be here all day!
2. I like films and books about post apocalyptic futures like ''The Stand'', ''Terminator'' and ''28 Days Later" I would love to be like the heroes, surviving anything and being brave and winning. I would be dead as soon as the first zombie clapped eyes on me. I would not be able to get water and food from the wild. I WOULD NOT SURVIVE! Perhaps the Zombie would like a nice cup of tea to calm him down.
3. I never know what clothes to buy. When I get something new I always have this feeling that it is going to be THE ONE. It will be THE SAVIOUR OF MY WARDROBE! The one garment that will make me look good, appear to be fashionable yet individual and that I will wear again and again. It is a fantasy made up in the changing rooms with their distorting mirrors! I would like a personal shopper-that might work! Gok I need you!
Bad hair day. Look at this lovely family! They have no problems coordinating their look. And they own a vintage car.

4. I am good at queuing. I don't relish it but it does not bother me. I go into a trance like kind of state which is good for thinking. This morning in Marks and Spencer's I thought about the manikins they are currently using to display their clothes. Their hands do not fit properly onto their arms, they are supported by a vicious looking piece of chrome piercing their legs and they are bald and faceless. And dirty. They were not doing the job they were meant for very well and in fact looked like something from one of my favourite type of films.

They would have fitted well into this shop which may not have changed since the 1980s.
5. Dogs smile at me in markets. I may have mentioned this before, I don't recall.
6. I am called 'Big Sarah' at work by the children and some of the adults-to distinguish me from 'Little Sarah'. I don't mind but I wish they wouldn't do it when she is not even there!
7. 16 is my favourite number. Nothing to do with age sixteen. I just like it. There is something perfect about it.
Now I need some pictures to illustrate these facts.
Also I am supposed to nominate 7 others for this award. I find this part hard and would like to take the easy way out that I have seen others use which is to say please take it if you would like it and are reading. I think you are all very creative in lots of marvellous ways so please-help yourselves!


Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Congratulations on your award. And thanks for your kind words. I have to admit I would have a hard time if people called me "Big Anne". I think that would be a deal breaker! I like the Terminator movies, too. I think they're coming out with another one soon. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award! I loved getting to know you better.

kendalee said...

Congrats from me too! Your seven things made me smile. I too would probably offer the zombie tea and don't mind a queue. They've just done away with them in our post office - introduced a ticket system - and I'm quite resentful. Now I have to concentrate and listen out for that irritating electronic voice to call my number instead of just shuffling forward on autopilot while my mind wanders off... It was always like a little mind-holiday, that queue. Now it's just a long wait! :)

Shell said...

I love your clouds banner! Congrats on your award. You are a brave woman. I enjoyed 28 days later but I had nightmares for about two weeks afterward. I can take Vampires, Werewolves and every other night creature known but Zombies freak me out!! Yes, I did like The Stand, too.

Sarah said...

Thanks Anne! That's ok-they are true! I look forward to a new terminator-but the first two are the best!
Thanks Liz!
A little mind holiday is exactly it Kendalee! I don't like that kind of ticket system-they have it in Argos and even when my number comes up either my item isn't there or someone pushes in-queueing is easier and fairer!
Thanks Shell! I know what you mean-it is a scary film. I just keep my fingers crossed that zombies will never exist! They made a great Big Brother zombie series here which was great. More so because there was no happy ending!

Anonymous said...

I am intrigued by dogs smiling at you!

Catastrophe Waitress said...

honestly, i'd love to watch 28 Days Later, Sarah - but i'm scared.

i SO enjoyed reading your list and
congratulations on your award!

Sarah said...

They do, they do! I am almost sure I am not imagining it!
Oh go on watch it! It is so good. So horrible and nerve wracking too but I love it. Can you believe I still have not seen Slumdog Milionaire? I am such a bad film goer.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Thanks for stopping by. I liked your 7 things. I like some of the same movies and books though as a hero I don't I'd last. Zombies scare the heck out of me! Love the water colors from a previous post and the doll is very nice.

Sarah said...

Thanks Vickie!

Hey Harriet said...

Congrats on your award! Well deserved. I found those seven things about you interesting! I don't mind a good zombie flick :)

Brother Tobias said...

Well-deserved award, and a great seven. The girl with the car looks like Ashley Jensen from 'Extras'. And the Eighties clothes shop (Sarnia, and yet so far). I can see what you mean about 16. Nice letters to write. My fave year was 1961 (I am that old). It was a pleasure to write, and was the same upside down.

Sarah said...

Thanks Harriet!
Ha Ha! B.T.-that's clever about 1961-it's the kind of thing I always have to have pointed out to me.
Perhaps she is Ashley-it's probably about the right timescale.

Sarah said...

Oh no-I take that back about Ashley Jensen-I thought you meant the little girl!