Friday, 24 April 2009

Colourful things...

that make me happy each day.....considered at the end of what seemed a very long week. Having a kitchen table-I have brought the garden one inside and I love it! Saturday morning breakfasts withthe papers here we come! It is a German pub table I bought from Greenwich market. The orange lamp is from Andy's family and I love it on this table.

Pretty teatowels-this one is from Teresa Green.

The blue light in the kettle-I don't know why it is there but it looks beautiful in the dark.

The colours of these cosmetics. And the smell of the face wash-I wish I could blog that-it is gentle and delicious.
My new polka dot wall-I used the card ones as a stencil. I wanted a dark grey paint and I managed to find one. It is not called dark grey, no, nothing so boring. It is 'Urban Obsession'. I do enjoy paint names!
What little things make you happy?


Anne said...

Hi, Sarah! Love these photos! I especially like the green table with the orange lamp! :-)

Elizabeth said...

All these things are sure to delight.
I think I covet the GREEN table.

kendalee said...

Love these! My kettle has an orange light shaped like this and I find it makes me very happy to see it glowing, especially in the dark of winter mornings. Maybe that's its function?

Tara's Art Camp said...

polka dot walls, how cool is that!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I am loving your tea kettle!