Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Good Things

 This is from ages ago when I found the video making stuff on the computer. It has ready made everything and I just put some photos into it. Cats, beach, charity shop sea gull and tomatoes are included!


Steve Reed said...

I like it! A fun way to share photos! There's a house near the school where I work that also has a giant spider on the outside -- year-round. Very bizarre.

Linda Sue said...

OH DELIGHT, Sarah!! That is a very well trained gull. Cats looking sharp and adorable. Your tomatoes - so plump, yum. Dennis bought a crate of tomatoes and is making the most delicious soup with them using lots of cream and butter. He has been vaccinated, I have not. Slim chance of finding enough to go around , they say. I hope that you and Andy AND THE CATS are rocking this stay at home thing, going on the second year, which was to be only a few weeks! Anyway, sleeping and dreaming- I see you in dreamland often.

Fresca said...

Lovely---the sea gull against the water looks beautifully at home and so happy you took it out of the thrift store. Red tomatoes---a reminder that it will not always be winter!!!
And the cats are always a hoot... they are so expressive.

I just posted your portrait of Racer on my blog =
Thank you, thank you again.

River said...

I love it! I watched in Full Screen, to see it better. Well done :)