Thursday, 14 January 2021

Wednesday Walk

I go for a walk every lunchtime when  I am at work, and the area where the school is just keeps on giving. Yesterday I found this beautiful church, and a lovely little park in the square behind it, with wooden animals, and a stomping seagull. (See the end)

I looked up the church, and apart from the steeple, it was destroyed in the blitz by incendiary bombs which caused it to burn down, and rebuilt in 1959-60.
The Square is called Lorrimore Square. According to Wikipedia,  "A 1681 map of Walworth made for Dean and Chapter of Canterbury Cathedral shows a wider common called "Lattam-more" (or Lower Moor); Lorrimore is a corruption of Lower Moor."

What a handsome noble face this lion has.

I particularly like the fox on the gate. 
I hadn't seen this Catholic church before either.
Though I did see this mural the other day which is on the side of a community centre. 

And here is the stomping seagull. I think it is trying to draw worms from underground. There is a big baby seagull there too making that mewling type noise. Baby seagulls are huge but incredibly helpless!


Linda Sue said...

That church looks like it could be here, ours are all so new (1960) looking.
Of course the animals standing guard are delightful as is the gate. Charming place!
Did my Christmas card ever arrive?
I hope that you are being very very very careful to not breathe all day. My offer still stands i will pay you to not go to work or put yourself in danger.

River said...

The carved animals are so beautiful :)

Fresca said...

What wonderful animals, tucked into an unexpected place.
I especially like the gate.

What is the green round thing on the red pole?

I like the modern rebuild of the church.

Steve Reed said...

That IS a beautiful church (the top one). Very mod, in a retro kind of way! I've never seen a seagull do that with its feet before. Weird.