Sunday, 8 March 2020


13 witchy fingers. This seems an appropriate number for something so creepy. 
Each time I go to the shore I look for one. They are only flints, in a pointy finger shape, but I like them.
I don't know who this lady is. She was in a box of glass negatives I found in a charity shop recently. I reversed them in photoshop, once I had remembered how to use it! They were from a bigger box that had been bought, but these had slipped through the net, and so I bought them for £3. I love this picture. Her wrinkly tights, the ribbon on her hat, her outfit and the car are all so great. Look at the horn on the car! You just needed to stick your hand out of the window-parp parp! I wonder if it was her car.


Linda Sue said...

great finds, as always, Love the ah-ooo=-gah car toot. One day I assume there will be a Sarah Wallis museum, Collection of...and it will be wonderful!!

Steve Reed said...

That's a great old photo. Suitable for the V&A! And I love the witchy fingers! I would love to know, geologically, how flints come to have their weird shapes.