Saturday 31 December 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy Blackheath in the fog and sunshine two days ago. It looked like I imagine heaven would look if you believe in that kind of thing. 
 New year at home this year. We have had a lovely evening. I spoke to all my family and my friends in Holland where we would normally be. We have had seventies themed food-prawn cocktail, coq au vin and chocolate mousse and lots of various nice drinks. We ate at the picnic fold up table as the kitchen table has too much stuff on it. It was like our own little restaurant!
Hope all of your New Years are fun and wishing you a great 2017! x

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Jenny Woolf said...

What a gorgeous picture. The combination of sun and mist.... better than Turner, by far. Your meal looks lovely. I am rather a fan of seventies food myself!