Sunday, 9 October 2016

To the North

Last weekend we went up to Northumberland to go to the Allen Valleys Folk Festival. It was fun and lovely to get away to fresh air. We saw a couple of bands on the Friday night, one of which was my favourite of the whole weekend. They are called Stick in the Wheel and are from London. Their songs are a mix of traditional and their own. There are two singers, one main and one harmonizing, a guitar, a drummer-hand drums and a violinist. The main singer and the other girl did a lot of chatting in between songs and were really funny. (Hard Times of Old England, Me n Becky)  Other than seeing the music, we ate lovely food, saw friends, wandered around in the woods and generally relaxed. Below are a few pictures from around Allendale where we were staying. 
Black Lion
Boarded Up
Bunk House
Cross Keys
Labor and Wait
Methodist Chapel Window
Mossy Roofs
Victoria House

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Steve Reed said...

Great photos! I especially like the boarded-up house. Glad the festival was fun!