Wednesday, 18 March 2015

School Stuff-Bears and Buses

Last week I did this display in the nursery. From start to finish including all the work with the children, mounting, doing the labels and putting up it took about four days with three late nights. I am not sure how I fitted in displays before when I was doing everything else as well. I enjoyed having the time to just do it without worrying about anything else though. I am pleased with how it turned out. The children enjoyed making the various parts for the house, especially using the porridge oats and glue. The face of Goldilocks was drawn by one of the children with ongoing instructions from me and practices of lips and eyes on the back. I think he did a great job! This week it has been all about the pigs and goats. I love the traditional stories, telling them using props is such fun.

 Then on Thursday, at the other school, I had year one in the afternoon. They had papered and painted boxes red the day before and had to turn them into buses or fire engines on the afternoon I was there.
 I love all the details they included. The one below is my favourite. It started out as a bus, but then became an emergency bus as it has a ny nor  and siren on the top!

I also love this one, with all the happy people going to Mile End. I wish the people on the tube in the morning were more like this!


Elizabeth said...

I loved these wonderful projects -particularly as my grandchildren ages 3 and 5 are into projects just like this!

Linda Sue said...

I do not know where you find your high energy! Wonderful projects! So glad you are liking your work! Did I mention that I sent a small pink parcel your way?

Shell said...

This is a great project. I know my Jacob would love something like this especially if I add it with Thomas the tank engine.

snoopydogknits said...

What brilliant display! I love doing displays, but you're right, they take up soon much time! Worth it though! Ros